New Short Story Collection Soon!

I have this spreadsheet called “Collection Four” where I log all of my post-Everything Has Teeth short stories. (There’s a separate section for the flash fiction that appears in my newsletter; those will eventually be compiled into their own book.)

I knew I had more than enough material for a fourth book, but when you sell a story there’s almost always an exclusive contractual period where it can only appear in that publication. Brewtality was just published, so I obviously can’t go around trying to reprint “Pink Passion.” My story “Devil Powered Death Train of Doom” hasn’t even been published for the first time yet.

But, upon pulling up some contracts, I was surprised to discover that I’ve got the rights back to enough stories to fill a full-length book!

I still need a title, an introduction, story notes, and as with Gleefully Macabre Tales, Dead Clown Barbecue, and Everything Has Teeth, I’ll write at least a couple of brand-new stories, too. But sometime before Halloween, look for Currently Untitled Short Story Collection by Jeff Strand.

I’ll share the tentative table of contents tomorrow.

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