Cheap Pretties!

For the next few days, the Kindle edition of My Pretties is a scant 99 cents! That’s a savings of two dollars, giving you more money to invest in the stock market!

Get it HERE.

2 Responses to “Cheap Pretties!”

  1. pcoples2 Says:

    I can’t live without you! Please keep them coming. Please! I can help, I promise. I have 32 cans of cat food and I don’t have a cat. They were inexpensive and thought maybe I would see one on the street. In my apartment. Three stories up. But please, do not stop writing! You’re my relaxation when I lay down and pretend like I have a cat (I have a dog named Rocki actually, who is undeniably mad when I call him Miss Kitty every now and again).

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