Welcome to April!

My latest newsletter went out yesterday, and I had to apologize for the long delay between issues. Keeping this website updated has also fallen behind. But having completed three back-to-back projects that people were waiting on (Deathless, Twentieth Anniversary Screening (to appear in the collection Slice & Dice) and the screenplay for Kutter) I’ve suddenly gone from “overwhelmingly busy” to “pretty busy.” So I can return a bit of focus to the website.

I’ve updated the “Appearances” page with an actual live appearance! Though StokerCon and KillerCon are both virtual (but guess what–I’ll be a Guest of Honor at KillerCon!) Scares That Care is currently scheduled to be an in-person event in Williamsburg, Virginia. I’ll be fully vaccinated by then, so I’ll be there!

Will more events follow….?

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