April 4th

Happy Easter, everybody! If you like black jelly beans, I hope you got lots of them. If you don’t, I hope you got lots of them and are looking for somebody–perhaps an author–to send them to.

I redid the “Short Works” page on my website. Stories that appear in collections no longer have descriptive paragraphs about them. It made the page unwieldy and it was extremely unlikely that somebody would try to track down the individual stories that appeared in, say, Everything Has Teeth instead of just buying Everything Has Teeth. Recent stories that haven’t been collected appear at the top of the page.

With that done, my next step in this long-term project is to go through each individual book page and make sure everything is up-to-date. A couple of years ago I’d started adding personal essays to replace the standard back cover description, but I didn’t get very many of them done. It’s time to fix that!

One Response to “April 4th”

  1. susan Renee Says:

    Happy Easter to you Lynne and Chaos.Dont eat so much candy you make yourself sick and always knew you were strange but only a true psychopath likes black jelly beans.


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