Welcome to June!

2020: “How the hell is it only June?”

2021: “How the hell is it already June?”

A couple of friends remarked that, compared to last year, it was weird that I still hadn’t published a new book in 2021, and they were wondering if I’d become a lazy piece of crap. The answer is “Nah.” In addition to working on non-book stuff (a screenplay adaptation of KUTTER), I haven’t had as much control over when stuff gets published. I’ve written stuff–it’s just not published yet.

But, hey, one of them IS out now! My novella “Twentieth Anniversary Screening” is now available as part of the four-author collection SLICE AND DICE, which also contains novellas by Jeff Menapace, William Malmborg, and Iain Rob Wright.

Read all about it and order your copy HERE!

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