Talkin’ FOUND

The movie Found absolutely blew me away when I saw it a few years ago at the Freak Show Film Festival. When it was time for me to make a return appearance on The Necronomi.Com podcast (I’d previously been on the show to discuss Return of the Living Dead) I knew exactly what movie I wanted to talk about!

And they said, no, sorry, Found isn’t currently available on any streaming service, and our listeners like to watch the movie before they listen to the podcast.

And I said, oh, okay, that makes total sense, but then I did some research and saw that Found would be on Shudder soon! So we decided to wait.

Then it took a few weeks to coordinate our schedules.

But it finally happened! James Sabata and I discuss Found…and spoil the absolute living crap out of it, so make sure you watch the movie before you listen.

Check it out via the podcast acquisition platform of your choice, or right HERE.

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