August 30

Last week was crazy busy. I’m edging ever-closer to being able to share my big news, which, yes, is movie-related. Meanwhile, I had a couple of other movie-related meetings, both of which went much better than I’d expected, since I’d expected them to end with a casual, “Okay, well, nice talking to you! We’ll keep in touch….maybe.”

And, we’re moving to Chattanooga, Tennessee! My wife and I had been floating various ideas over the past couple years. Stay in Atlanta but move to the outskirts? Move back to Florida? Try North Carolina? On Saturday we drove to Chattanooga and spent the day (along with our tour guide, author Jessica Ann York) driving around the city looking at neighborhoods. Barring some word of weird curve ball, like a deranged billionaire offering me $5,000,000 to move to Traverse City to ghostwrite his memoir about the many women he has loved, we’re moving to Chattanooga at the end of the year. Beware, Chattanooga!!!

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