October 12th

Though some of my fall events were cancelled (right now I’d still be recovering from the drive to the Merrimack Valley Halloween Book Festival, which was 1097 miles each way) I still have three left. And Multiverse is this weekend! After the Atlanta Writers Conference the first week of November, I don’t have any events scheduled until April 1st, but I’m sure the move to Chattanooga will help fill that free time.

Had a meeting yesterday that ended the way everybody wanted, so I now have a new project to tackle soon. It’s a book, and I think my readers will be delighted and amused when they hear what it is. I’ll share it as soon as the contracts are signed.

Copies of the hardcover edition of Deathless are on their way to Earthling Publication at this very moment, and will be on their way to YOU (because I’m sure you bought one, right?) within the next couple of weeks. The paperback and digital editions probably won’t be out until early 2022.


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