October 19th

I spent this past weekend at Multiverse and had a blast. The convention has nine (!) tracks of programming, so attendance at any one event was often sparse, but all of my panels went well and everybody seemed to be having a great time. My team was VICTORIOUS!!!!! at the Monster Mash competition, in which teams were assigned monsters and had to explain why theirs would beat the other team’s monster in a fight. Gremlins vs. Krites! Zuni Fetish Doll vs. Chucky! Moorlocks vs. The Creatures From The Descent. Gobs o’ fun!

After my Friday night panel, I sped off with Lynne Hansen, Bridgett Nelson, Rena Mason, and Jessica Ann York to visit Netherworld, the greatest haunted attraction of them all.

Meanwhile, the hardcover edition of Deathless exists! I haven’t seen it yet, but a copy is on its way to me, so in a couple of days I’ll be posting a picture and letting you know to act NOW NOW NOW if you haven’t ordered it yet. You can get a head start on that at http://earthlingpub.com/js_deathless.html

Had a meeting today about a top-secret project. This is not the same top secret project as the other one I’ve mentioned, or that other one, either. I’ll probably be able to blab about the other two soon(ish), but this one will remain a dark secret for a good long while, so I apologize for bringing it up.

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