November 8th

Well, this past weekend I did the last of my personal appearances for 2021. I debuted my talk “Surviving the Writing Life” (the live presentation version of my book The Writing Life: Reflections, Recollections, and a Lot of Cursing) at the Atlanta Writers Conference. It was in two parts, and some people returned for the second part, so I’ll call it a success.

We may have our (rental) home in Chattanooga. If I’m understanding the situation correctly, we’re at the “Making sure your application is not a web of lies” stage, and once we get past that, they’ll send over the lease. And then the fun of moving to a new house begins, but it should be about 10% as bad as the hell on earth of the move from Tampa to Atlanta, so I’m not filled with feelings of dread.

As far as I know, the Earthling Publications limited edition of Deathless has been received by everybody who ordered it, unless their mail service sucks. The paperback and e-book edition will be available November 30th.

The Thunderstorm Books limited edition of Autumn Bleeds Into Winter is about to ship. Allison is next!

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