June 14

I keep getting closer and closer to Big News without quite being able to announce it. The next couple of weeks could be crucial for two major projects (possibly even three) but it’s also very likely that I will remain in tease mode. It’s okay if you don’t believe me at this point. I wouldn’t believe me either.

But in more solid news, I finished a short story called “The Well.” Now I’m working on a story called “Ghosts of Candies Past.” Then I’m going to work on a bunch of other stories, because I’m working on a flash fiction collection called Freaky Briefs.

As I assume you know, my newsletter has an original short story in each issue. The plan was always to eventually compile them into a book. I’d like this collection to be about the same length as one of my novels, and I’m not there yet…but I’m far enough along that I’ve decided to just sit down and write flash fiction until I’ve filled out the rest of the book. So it’ll be about 75% stories from the newsletter, and 25% brand new material.

I bet I bought more cheese today than you did.

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