June 23

Another flash fiction story complete: “Steps.”

And I wrote my story for the Scares That Care Gross-Out Contest, a career-ending tale whose title I shall not share here. (Actually, the title is G-rated, but it’s a spoiler.)

Q: I’m not going to be at Scares That Care. Can I read this story elsewhere?

A: No.

Q: Will the performance be recorded?

A: Hell no.

Q: Then how can I see it?

A: Go to Scares That Care, July 29-31, Williamsburg, Virginia.

June 23

Finished a new flash fiction story called “Vegan Training.” As with the last one I wrote, I’m not sure if it’s going to be in my newsletter, or bypass that and go straight to Freaky Briefs. (The cover to that is almost done.)

Most of the movie stuff I have going on is a dark and sinister secret, but I have been allowed to say that Binge Bros. optioned both Kutter and The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever. They had a bunch of pitch meetings last week, and enthusiasm for Kutter was very high. Maybe you’ll get to see a movie version of the tale of a serial killer who becomes a better person when he gets a dog…?

The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever had less enthusiasm. The book was and continues to be really popular, but “comedy about kids making a zombie flick” isn’t necessarily a concept that makes movie financiers go “Oh! Do tell me more!” They did some on-the-fly retooling of the basic premise, and got better reactions. We’ll see what happens!

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