July 5

My hair has been freshly shorn, so I can look all hawt when I go to Imaginarium this weekend.

I’ve added two new stories to Freaky Briefs: “The Skull Within” and “Dusted.” The latter is fan fiction that stops short of copyright infringement. I think somebody should hire me to write a full-length tie-in novel based on this premise.

Last night I wrote “What’s on Second?”, and this morning I vetoed it for the collection. Do people still know “Who’s On First?” What’s the cut-off age to be familiar with Abbott & Costello?

I have terrible luck with air conditioners, and ours broke, so the upstairs is currently 98 degrees. Fortunately, this house has one for each floor, so while the upper floor is uninhabitable, downstairs is not hell on earth. I’ll be sleeping downstairs on the couch tonight, though.

3 Responses to “July 5”

  1. Susan Says:

    Pics of the freshly shorn head that may or may not be too big to be called hawt.Let us fans weigh in on the new do.


  2. Hans Curtis Says:

    i know and love WHOS ON FIRST by abbot and costello, but I am 52 years old. if you get the couch , where does Chaos snooze?


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