July 17

Okay, Freaky Briefs is done!

I kept wavering on “Corky & Snorky,” which was always meant to be divisive. I’d decided to cut it, much to one test reader’s dismay, but decided to move it to the end of the book, after the acknowledgments, as a bonus story. If you quit reading too soon, you’ll miss it!

And then I decided, what the hell, and threw in a second bonus story, “What’s On Second?” which I wrote for Freaky Briefs late one night and cut early the next morning.

Of course, those two don’t count in the official tally (the book’s full title is Freaky Briefs: 75 Short Absurdities) so I needed #75. The poem “Impressionable” didn’t make the final list, but I still liked the concept, so I reworked it into a short story.

I don’t have a publication date yet, but you won’t be kept waiting very long…

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