July 24

Technically July 25, but only by a few minutes…

Well, Necon is over. I’m seriously bummed to have missed it, but it seems like everybody had a great time even without me there to add a sense of merriment and delight to the proceedings. I’m feeling totally fine and I’m long out of the contagious stage in my COVID adventure, so I’ll be at Scares That Care this weekend.

Wrote a new story today: “Y2K” for the anthology American Cannibal. Cannibalism is not uncharted territory for me in my work, although the only actual book I’ve written on the subject is Bad Bratwurst, which was just a chapbook. Will I ever do a full-on cannibalism novel? Maybe. I pitched one to Leisure as my third novel, after Dweller, but they weren’t on board with the idea and I wrote Wolf Hunt instead.

Finishing up “Y2K” officially clears out every short story that I owe. (Well, actually, I owe three chapbooks to Death’s Head Press, but that’s more of a trio of novelettes than short stories.)

Tomorrow: screenplay rewrites.

One Response to “July 24”

  1. appleton78 Says:

    Sorry you missed the conv., but take good care of yourself Mr Strand.


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