September 22

Late last year I wrote about the experience of playing a dead body in the short film “Moonlight Sonata, With Scissors,” written and directed by Chris Ethridge and based on the short story by Darrell Grizzle. Having seen the film, I can say that my performance is so convincing that you’ll probably wail “Noooooooo!!! He’s really dead! What a loss! What a loss!” But I assure you, I was merely acting dead.

It’s going to start making the rounds on the film festival circuit very soon, starting with the Nightmares Film Festival in Columbus, Ohio. (I’ve been to that one a couple of times, and it’s freaking awesome.) You can check out the trailer here:

Meanwhile, check out this very short interview with author Steven Stred, where I share, among other things, who I’d want to play me in the movie of my life:

Yesterday was a super duper productive day on my novelization. Will today be just as good…?

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