September 28

“I’ve done bad things. Terrible things. Hurt so many people I care about. My guilt is all-encompassing, and I do not deserve to experience joy.” — What I assume is viewers’ rationale for purposely choosing to watch Rob Zombie’s THE MUNSTERS.

This tweet made some people mad, including somebody who said “Let’s admit it. Not all of your books were great, either.” That’s fine. I’m not trying to yuck anybody’s yum. All I’m saying is that I wouldn’t even want to watch a good movie version of THE MUNSTERS.

Beyond that, when I’m not enraging MUNSTERS enthusiasts on social media, I’m still working on the novelization. It’s moving along nicely, though it won’t be everybody’s yum.


One Response to “September 28”

  1. Jim Says:

    Hey! I’ve been looking forward to a good Munster’s reboot. Watched it last night.
    Still waiting…


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