October 27

Look, I’m using my blog to direct you to somebody else’s blog! Check out my guest post “The Night I Was a Skeleton” at Meghan’s Haunted House of Books! https://mhyden.blog/2022/10/27/guest-post-jeff-strand/

One Response to “October 27”

  1. Sean P Carlin Says:

    You know, Jeff, sometimes I see the elaborate costumes the kids have today — not just the detail-specific suits, but the accompanying gadgets — and I honestly wouldn’t trade my low-rent, 1980s Halloweens for them. I always got a special thrill out of going to the corner drugstore and buying one of those dangerously flammable Ben Cooper costumes. Or finding an old bookbag and shoebox in the closet, and converting it to a Proton Pack and ghost trap. Thanks for sharing your Halloween memories with a fellow Xer!


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