December 22

I’ve made my writing goal six days out of six since I started the new novel. Right now, I’m planning to sustain that goal for Day #7. But I’m also planning to do a very careful rewrite of the 71 pages I’ve written so far (I start each day by going over the previous day’s work, but today I want to start from the beginning) so we’ll see what happens…

Look! It’s my author copies of Bentley Little’s The Store. No, Bentley Little is not my pseudonym. I wrote the foreword. When Lividian Publications asked me to do this, my initial reaction was “Yes! Yes! Of course!” followed by slack-jawed astonishment that they would’ve asked me to do it. It’s a fantastic presentation of a fantastic novel, and I hope my dorky little foreword doesn’t diminish the glory of this package.

One Response to “December 22”

  1. timacarterhotmailcom Says:

    Just got mine yesterday via UPS! Thank you PayPal Pay In 4 !!


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