January 8

With my last update, I said that the new book should be done “in about a week” and that’s still the case. I’m guessing four to five days until it reaches its dramatic conclusion.

Meanwhile, I now owe six short stories so far in 2023. Fortunately, most of the deadlines are spaced apart: January 20, March 31, April 1, June 30, August 1, September 30. Of course, not only are the March 31/April 1 deadlines one day apart, but Borderlands Boot Camp is March 29-31, and it’s going to require a lot of prep time on my part…so, yeah, I’ll be a bit busy at the end of March.

(Or I could start much sooner. We’ll see how that works out.)

Registration for Borderlands Boot Camp (an intensive writing workshop) is open until January 31. The other instructors are Brian Keene, Mary San Giovanni, Norman Prentiss, Maurice Broaddus, and John Urbancik. More details HERE.


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