Splatterpunk Award Nominees Announced

The finalists for the Splatterpunk Awards have been announced! I am not among them, thanks to their weird bias against authors who didn’t publish any splatterpunk fiction in 2022. But here’s the list:

Congratulations to this year’s Splatterpunk Award nominees! Stay messy, my friends!

For Immediate Release

Wrath James White and Brian Keene are pleased to announce the final ballot for the 2023 Splatterpunk Awards, honoring superior achievement in the literary subgenres of Splatterpunk and Extreme Horror fiction published in 2022, as well as the sixth recipient of the J.F. Gonzalez Lifetime Achievement Award, and the recommendation process for the coming year.

The nominees are as follows:


— Playground by Aron Beauregard (Independently Published)

— The Television by Edward Lee (Madness Heart Press)

— Faces of Beth by Carver Pike (Independently Published)

— Last of the Ravagers by Bryan Smith (Thunderstorm Books / Death’s Head Press)

— Mastodon by Steve Stred (Black Void Publishing)

— Ex-Boogeyman (Slasher vs The Remake) by Kristopher Triana (Bad Dream Books / Thunderstorm Books)


— Charcoal by Garrett Cook (Clash Books)

— Grandpappy by Patrick C. Harrison III (Independently Published)

— Mr. Tilling’s Basement by Edward Lee (Deadite Press)

#thighgap by Chandler Morrison (Cemetery Gates Media)

— Plastic Monsters by Daniel J. Volpe (Independently Published)


— “Just Another Bloodbath at Camp Woe-Be-Gone” by R.J. Benetti (Independently Published)

— “Of The Worm” by Ryan Harding (from Splatterpunk Zine issue 13)

— “My Chopping List” by Stephen Kozeniewski (from Counting Bodies Like Sheep, The Evil Cookie Publishing)

— “Gutted” by Bracken MacLeod (from Splatterpunk Zine issue 13)

— “Jinx” by Bridgett Nelson (from A Bouquet of Viscera)


— Always Listen To Her Hurt: Collected Works by Kenzie Jennings (Blistered Siren Press)

— Mr. Tilling’s Basement and Other Stories by Edward Lee (Deadite Press)

— Horrorsmut by Christine Morgan (The Evil Cookie Publishing)

— A Bouquet of Viscera by Bridgett Nelson (Independently Published)

— Pornography For the End of the World by Brendan Vidito (Weirdpunk Books)


— Human Monsters edited by Sadie Hartmann and Ashley Sawyers (Dark Matter Ink)

— Camp Slasher Lake, Volume 1 edited by D.W. Hitz and Candace Nola (Fedowar Press)

— Counting Bodies Like Sheep edited by K. Trap Jones (The Evil Cookie Publishing)

— Call Me Hoop edited by SC Mendes & Lucy Leitner, created by Drew Stepek (Blood Bound Books)

— Czech Extreme edited by Lisa Lee Tone (Madness Heart Press)


— Monica J. O’Rourke

The final ballot is composed of top recommendations from readers, critics, and the general public and then voted on by our panel of six judges. The sixth annual Splatterpunk Awards will take place at KillerCon in Austin, Texas August 12th. For more details, visit http://www.killerconaustin.com.

The recommendation process for next year’s ballot is now open to readers, critics, and the general public. Eligible works must be first published in 2023, and must meet the definitions of either Splatterpunk or Extreme Horror. Email recommendations to splatterpunkawards@gmail.com. The recommendation window will close at 11:50pm (EST) on December 31, 2023. THERE WILL BE NO EXTENSIONS.

Thank you,

Wrath James White and Brian Keene, Splatterpunk Award cofounders.

* Tie category

** The previous J. F. Gonzalez Lifetime Achievement Award recipients are David J. Schow, David G. Barnett, Edward Lee, John Skipp, and Clive Barker.


One Response to “Splatterpunk Award Nominees Announced”

  1. Bridgett Says:

    I feel like anything with “freaky” in the title should probably qualify.


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