It’s easy for a lot of updates to get lost in the regular blog portion of this website, so this page will be an easy-to-scan list of the latest bits of news. I’m resisting the urge to backtrack through old stuff, so for now it’s just:

5-12-17: Why do I even have this page on my website if I never update it? And what’s up with dating all of those entries 2016?

1-5-16: Sent out my January 2017 newsletter. And the Dweller audiobook (read by Scott Thomas) is available on Audible.

1-4-16: Updated the Appearances page!

1-3-16: Into Painfreak is available! (Technically it was available in November, so I’m already fibbing out resisting the urge to go through old stuff…)

1-1-2016: New vow made to keep this website updated.

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