Here’s a page for updates on various movie-related projects.

The “fun” part of having a lot of movie stuff going on, by which I mean “MADDENING!!!” is that I’m not allowed to talk about most of it. I have a bunch of different projects in the works right now, and for most of them I can’t say a damn thing, even though _______ is attached as a producer and __________ is starring and you’ll freak out when I can finally share it. So the below updates are the ones I’m allowed to blab about.

THE GREATEST ZOMBIE MOVIE EVER – I adapted my own YA novel for Binge Bros. Productions.

KUTTER – Another project with Binge Bros. Productions. I wrote the screenplay for this one as well.

BLOODSUCKER TOWN – An original horror/comedy screenplay I wrote for [REDACTED].

DISPOSAL – Yes, a feature film based on my novella Disposal is currently in pre-production! The screenplay was written by Mick Thomas, who will also direct.

HOSTILE – My story “Hostile” (published in the anthology DOA III) was originally a script. Canadian filmmaker Brett Kelly has turned it into a short film, which had its world premiere during “An Evening With Jeff Strand” at the Alamo Drafthouse in Houston on February 28th, 2020! It’s now available on YouTube!


CREEPERS – This anthology film contains an adaptation of my short story “Gave Up The Ghost.” I wrote the screenplay and it was directed by Gregory Lamberson. It’s now available on DVD and video-on-demand.

This will be re-released with a new title and without the terrible wraparound segment sometime in the future.

Mindy Has To Die Poster

MINDY HAS TO DIE – A feature film based on my book Stalking You Now. Written and directed by George Clarke and shot in Belfast, Ireland. The film is complete, but its film festival run has obviously run into the stumbling block of a global pandemic. Hopefully there will be news of a streaming/DVD release soon.


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