Here’s a page for updates on various movie-related projects.


CREEPERS – This anthology film contains an adaptation of my short story “Gave Up The Ghost.” I wrote the screenplay and it was directed by Gregory Lamberson. It’s now available on DVD and video-on-demand.

(Note: The VOD edition currently has an embarrassing error where the reviews are linked to the Dario Argento movie with the same title. This movie does NOT have Jennifer Connelly in it, sadly.)

(Also, I’ve gotta say it: Please don’t judge the movie by the wraparound segment, okay?)



COLD DEAD HANDS – An upcoming feature film based on my not-yet-published book. To be directed by Lynne Hansen, who also wrote the screenplay. In early pre-production. Check out the Facebook page for more information.



MINDY HAS TO DIE – A feature film based on my book Stalking You Now. Written and directed by George Clarke. Scheduled to shoot later this month (!) in Belfast, Ireland. And it too has a Facebook page.


PRESSURE – Pretty much dead, I think.




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