Here’s a page for updates on various movie-related projects.

DISPOSAL – Yes, a feature film based on my novella Disposal is currently in pre-production! The screenplay was written by Mick Thomas, who will also direct. Production should begin in 2020, if Covid-19 will allow it.

HOSTILE – My story “Hostile” (published in the anthology DOA III) was originally a script. Canadian filmmaker Brett Kelly has turned it into a short film, which had its world premiere during “An Evening With Jeff Strand” at the Alamo Drafthouse in Houston on February 28th, 2020! The plan is still for it to make the film festival rounds, if we ever get to have film festivals again…


CREEPERS – This anthology film contains an adaptation of my short story “Gave Up The Ghost.” I wrote the screenplay and it was directed by Gregory Lamberson. It’s now available on DVD and video-on-demand.

This will be re-released with a new title and without the terrible wraparound segment sometime in the future.

Mindy Has To Die Poster

MINDY HAS TO DIE – A feature film based on my book Stalking You Now. Written and directed by George Clarke and shot in Belfast, Ireland. A half-finished cut screened October 4th, 2018 at the Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival in Ireland. The film is now complete, with no screenings currently announced.

OTHER ADAPTATIONS – Lots of stuff is going on that I can’t talk about. In fact, nine different books are being discussed for film adaptations. No cameras have been turned on yet. Keep watching this space for updates…

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