Here’s a page for updates on various movie-related projects.


CREEPERS – This anthology film contains an adaptation of my short story “Gave Up The Ghost.” I wrote the screenplay and it was directed by Gregory Lamberson. It’s now available on DVD and video-on-demand.

(Also, I’ve gotta say it: Please don’t judge the movie by the wraparound segment, okay?)

(Vague Update: Expect this in a slightly different form next year.)

Mindy Has To Die Poster

MINDY HAS TO DIE – A feature film based on my book Stalking You Now. Written and directed by George Clarke and shot in Belfast, Ireland. A half-finished cut screened October 4th, 2018 at the Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival in Ireland. No updates yet on when or if the film will be completed.

WOLF HUNT – The option has been renewed, but I have no news yet.

PRESSURE – Long dead, though somebody very cool has expressed possible interest…

GRAVEROBBERS WANTED (NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY) – Loooooong dead, but people still ask on occasion because the hardcover edition says “Soon To Be A Motion Picture.”



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