Bram Stoker Awards Live Webcast!

On Saturday, May 10th, at approximately 7:30 PM PST, the Bram Stoker Awards will be held! Once again I will be Master of Ceremonies and wearing a snazzy tux. Obviously, the best way to experience this extravaganza is to be there in person, but if that’s not possible, it will be streaming LIVE online! For details, head over to:


Stokers 2014 And 2015!

Hey, kids! Got any plans for May 8-11, 2014 and May 7-10, 2015? If so, cancel them. If not, head on over to Portland and Atlanta, respectively, for the 2014 and 2015 World Horror Conventions and Bram Stoker Awards banquets.

I’ll be the Master of Ceremonies for BOTH of the awards banquets, so come to Portland and/or Atlanta, but neither is not an option.

For all the details on the World Horror Convention 2014, which includes the Bram Stoker Awards banquet, head on over to

For all the details on the Bram Stoker Awards banquet 2015, which includes the World Horror Convention, head on over to

Guests of honor for 2014 include Nancy Holder, Jack Ketchum, Norman Partridge, Greg Staples, Paula Guran, Alan M. Clark, John Shirley, and Victoria Price.

Guests of honor for 2015 include John Farris, Kami Garcia, Christopher Golden, Lisa Tuttle, and Jonathan Maberry.

CBS Sunday Morning

Wow. CBS Sunday Morning included the World Horror Convention as a notable event for the week! Be there, or Charles Osgood will hunt you down!

Upcoming Appearances

If you’re looking for me in 2013, here are a few of the places I’ll be hanging out!

March 16-17: Coral Springs Festival of the Arts. Coral Springs, Florida. I’ll be doing a book signing and a 90-minute workshop called “Stick With It! Sustaining Your Writing Passion In A Brutal Business.”

April 24-27: Texas Library Association Annual Conference. Fort Worth, Texas. I’ll be doing a signing and a couple of A Bad Day For Voodoo readings for teenagers!

June 13-16: Bram Stoker Awards Weekend/World Horror Convention. New Orleans, Louisiana. I’ll be Master of Ceremonies for the 26th annual Bram Stoker Awards banquet, in a tuxedo. 

July 18-21: Necon. Bristol, Rhode Island. I’ll be eating hot dogs.

I recommend that you attend all of these fine events, but if you can only attend three, that’s okay. 

Streamin’ Stokers

If you’re not going to be at the Bram Stoker Awards weekend, and you were feeling kind of sad, now you can feel slightly less sad! The awards banquet will be streamed LIVE right here on the internet! Will I succumb to tears if Dweller doesn’t win? Will the audience rush the stage with torches and pitchforks if any of my Master of Ceremonies jokes bomb?

There’s not a link available yet, but the awards show will begin around 9:00 PM EST on Saturday the 18th. Keep watching this space.


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