Figure 8 School Bus Racing!!!

This past weekend, I went to see figure 8 school bus racing. That is not code. That is, literally, school busses racing around a track in a figure 8. The center of the figure 8 is an intersection without a traffic light, and that’s where the magic happens.

You can’t watch figure 8 school bus racing ironically. Oh, you can try. You can walk onto the bleachers with your Mountain Dew and boiled peanuts and think “Heh heh, I’m going to see how the less intelligent people of the world entertain themselves.” It doesn’t work. The first time those beat-up busses race past each other in the intersection and miss by freakin’ INCHES you’ll be all “Wooooooooo-hooooooo!!! Goooooo school busses! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!”

This will not be my last figure 8 school bus race. I promise you that.

And, yes, there was an awesome crash.  

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