Gave Up The Ghost – Cast Reading


Hey, what could this be? Why, it’s the cast reading my screenplay for “Gave Up The Ghost,” a short horror/comedy film that will be directed by Gregory Lamberson and included in the horror anthology Creepers. 

Starting at the left, moving clockwise, pictured are: Gregory Lamberson, Kaelin Lamberson, Sam Qualiana, Jessica Zwolak, Drew Bialy, Alexander Sloan McBryde, John R. Renna, and Paul McGinnis. Also pictured through the window is that delightful Buffalo, New York weather, which I will be braving in a couple of weeks when I travel up to the frozen north to hang out on the set. 

Check out the Creepers Facebook page for lots-o-updates on “Gave Up The Ghost” and the other three films included in the anthology! 




Movie Time!



Whoa! It’s the teaser poster for CREEPERS, a horror anthology movie, featuring adaptations of stories by Joe Lansdale, Edgar Allan Poe, Lafcadio Hearn, and, yes, me. (Otherwise I wouldn’t be posting this. Poe doesn’t need the free publicity.) 

The segment I wrote, “Gave Up The Ghost,” will be directed by Gregory “Slime City” Lamberson. It’s currently in pre-production and the cameras roll at the end of this month. I’ll be flying up to Buffalo, New York to be on the set, so if my fingers aren’t too numb from the bitter cold I’ll post an exciting set report with all the latest gossip. Is Lamberson an insane dictator on set? Will there be any hot off-screen romances? Will I run around wailing “My creative vision is being compromised! My creative vision is being compromised!”? Stay tuned for the answers!

In the meantime, check out the CREEPERS Facebook fan page:

Snow Shaaaaaaaaark!!!

The latest episode of Dread Media (#284) (Whoa! 284 episodes!) is now live, with me making a return visit as a guest reviewer. This time, host Desmond Reddick and I review Snow Shark: Ancient Snow Beast. This film was produced by our mutual friend Gregory Lamberson, but that doesn’t mean we don’t make fun of it. 

You can subscribe to Dread Media on iTunes (it’s absolutely free, of course), or listen at And you can get your very own copy of Snow Shark: Ancient Snow Beast right HERE


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