KUTTER: Solo Edition!

So I wrote this novella called Kutter. It’s one of my favorites of my books, and the closest I’ve ever come to the story in my head matching the story on the page. It’s about a ghastly serial killer whose perspective on life changes when he finds a lost Boston terrier, and if you’re into heartwarming tales about sociopaths, I think you’ll enjoy this one.

Kutter was originally published as a hardcover limited edition. Even by the standards of the collector’s edition market, it was one expensive book, and the print run was looooow. It was an ultra-snazzy looking book, with several interior illustrations by Tom Moran that are forever exclusive to that edition, but obviously there was always going to be a version of the book aimed at readers.

When it came time to get a new edition of the book out to the masses, Michael McBride and I discussed the idea of combining Kutter with his novella Remains in a single book. The books themselves aren’t connected, but there’s a lot of crossover in our respective fan bases. The advantages were clear:

1. More value for the reader. This turned it into a novel-length book. 

2. Cross-marketing. A reader might buy the book specifically for my story or Mike’s, read the other one, and then become a devoted, passionate, lifelong, stalkerish fan.

But there was also a possible stumbling block. Readers might say “Gosh, I sure do enjoy the masterful tales of author Michael McBride, but that Jeff Strand loser can suck it. As much as I’d like to read Remains, I’m not going to pay for half a book. That would be the actions of a crazy person, and I’m not crazy, damn you! Damn all of you who say that I am!!!

Would we be doubling our audience…or halving it?

Ultimately we decided to go with the double-novella idea. And thus The Mad And The Macabre was unleashed upon the world. 

And……………I won’t say that the book tanked, but sales were significantly lower than our solo projects.

In the end, we realized that readers probably weren’t saying “Ooh! Ooh! I was going to buy Kutter anyway, so Remains is just an extra bonus!” For the most part, if people weren’t interested in BOTH novellas, they didn’t buy the collection. 

Therefore, we now present, Kutter and Remains, the solo editions!

A scant $1.99 each. Buy one or buy them both. We’ll love you either way.

ImageClick HERE for Kutter.

ImageClick HERE for Remains.


Horror World Reviews DEAD CLOWN BARBECUE!

The digital edition of Kutter was supposed to be up today, but it’s gotten stuck in the Amazon review process, and probably won’t be available before my bedtime tonight. Watch for it tomorrow. 

Meanwhile, though, Horror World has posted a review of Dead Clown Barbecue. What did they say? Were they nice? Did they praise it…or eviscerate it? Would I actually share a link to a horrible review here? I might, if it were entertaining enough. Is this an entertainingly horrible review, or does it say sweet, lovey-dovey things? Click the link below and find out for yourself…


Coming Next Monday…



Cover by Lynne Hansen

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Stuff You Should Buy, Part I

In theory, there will be a full World Horror Convention report coming to this very website. (Spoiler Alert: I did not win a Bram Stoker Award, because I wasn’t nominated for one, but I did emcee the awards banquet. I was also on a panel with Robert McCammon, Joe Lansdale, and Sherilynn Kenyon.) But until my brain grows back, I’m just going to let you know that the excellent adventure novel Burial Ground by Michael McBride is now available as a snazzy limited edition hardcover from Thunderstorm Books.

It’s just like one of my books, except with actual research. Or, more accurately, it’s like the second half of The Mad & The Macabre. You bought The Mad & The Macabre, right? The first half of that was my novella Kutter and the second half was McBride’s novella Remains. So if you thought Remains was way better than Kutter, you’ll think Burial Ground is way better than…um, let’s say Fangboy.

Order your copy (limited to 190 of ’em, and the super mega-deluxe edition is sold out!) right HERE.

Or get the extremely inexpensive e-book edition right HERE.

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