Publishers Weekly Book of the Week

Hey, Publishers Weekly has announced its picks for the Books of the Week of March 3rd…I wonder if there’s anything interesting on there…hmmm…scroll down a bit…OMG, it’s I Have A Bad Feeling About This!!! 

I wouldn’t make that up. Well, I probably would, but not in this particular instance. Here’s a handy verification link.



Publishers Weekly has reviewed my upcoming young adult novel I Have A Bad Feeling About This, and because I’m posting about it instead of pretending it doesn’t exist, you’ve probably guessed that they liked it!

“[A] gleefully over-the-top, wickedly funny adventure. Strand balances action with laugh-out-loud humor, making this a thoroughly entertaining not-quite-coming-of-age tale.” — Publishers Weekly

To read the full review and verify that I’m not just making stuff up, check out the following link:

Publishers Weekly on Voodoo!

“Sam Raimi fans should eat it up.” — Publishers Weekly on A Bad Day For Voodoo.

They say a lot more than that, but that pretty much covers what you need to know, right?

Check out the full review RIGHT HERE.

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