Cult Movie Mania Returns!

Sweeeeeet! The Cult Movie Mania Screaming Cinema series is returning to the Tampa Pitcher Show in Tampa, Florida. Last year this series played such flicks as Slime City Massacre, Chillerama, Bellflower, The Theatre Bizarre, Dear God No (where my wife had to walk out because even though she looked away from the screen, the sound effects in one scene were too gross), Father’s Day, and other messed up stuff.

This year’s lineup includes John Dies at the End, The Manson Family, Lost Faith, Excision, Bloody Bloody Bible Camp, and Cosmopolis. The series runs Friday nights at 10:30 PM, starting on April 26th. (Of course, I’ll be out of town for the Texas Library Association conference on April 26th, so have fun without me, jerks!) 

Check out the Cult Movie Mania website for all the details.

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