Monster’s Corner Now Available!

My signing for the debut of The Monster’s Corner was last night. If you missed it, never fear, because the book is now available! Stroll on over to your local bookstore, or order a copy from fine online retailers.

My own contribution, “Specimen 313,” has been available for a few weeks as a free e-book, but for those of you outside the United States who weren’t able to download it, the story has now been posted at Tor.Com! Check it out right here!

Special thanks to frequent website commenter Jim Morey, who not only showed up to the signing, but arrived bearing a gift of Snapple! Yes, this superb tradition of giving me free Snapple lives on! I assume that at some point I’ll be “Enough with the frickin’ Snapple, people!” but for now, I heartily endorse this activity.

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