From an early age, I promised myself that if Joe Konrath ever wrote the first part of a YA serial zombie novel with his son and asked me to write the afterword, I would say, “No way, dude. Bite me.”

Finally, that day arrived. And I stared Joe right in the e-mail and said, “Sure!” Because I remembered that he’s my meal ticket. 

So, Joe and 15-year-old Talon Konrath present Grandma?, the action-packed, funny first part of a serial novel. Afterword by me. 99 cents. 

Get it right here:



In Stores Now!

It’s here, kids! As you can see from the photographic evidence below, my novel A Bad Day For Voodoo is now in bookstores! It might be difficult to fight through the frenzied crowds, but if you wear protective headgear you should be okay. You can also order it from the very internet you’re using to view this webpage! 


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