Bang Up (novel). Coming October 2018.

Cold Dead Hands (novella). Coming December 2018 from Cemetery Dance Publications.

“Good Deeds.” To appear in the anthology Hark the Herald Angels Scream.

“The Great Stone Face vs. The Gargoyles.” To appear in the anthology Fantastic Tales of Terror. 




25 Responses to “COMING SOON”

  1. Ty Says:

    Looking forward to Kutter!! Keep up the great work, Jeff!


  2. Redman Says:



  3. Rick Says:

    Just in time for my birthday!!


  4. Horrordude Says:

    This Strand guy is out of control. My advice? Read all of his books so he doesn’t show up at your door in the middle of the night trying to sell you poisoned girl scout cookies.


  5. Tod Clark Says:

    Had no idea you had these updates on progress. I will start stalking your progress on a regular basis now!


  6. jerry Says:

    where is the next Andrew Mayhem book?


  7. Jim Says:

    That is just wrong!


  8. Tony Says:

    A short story collection… with new material?!?! INSTA-BUY!!!


  9. Jim Says:

    35 DEAD CLOWNS. I thought, “Wow, that’s going to be a LOT of new material!” Then I went back and counted everything that’s out there. No wonder I have no room on my bookshelf!


    • jeffstrand Says:

      It may end up being fewer than 35 stories. It’ll be about 15,000 words of brand-new material, but at this point I’m not sure exactly how many stories that will be. I’ve got 40+ stories that I’ve written since GLEEFULLY MACABRE TALES, but a lot of them I can’t contractually reprint yet.


  10. Tony Says:

    Can’t wait for the new material in February! Quite the birthday present for me! Boo-yay!


  11. Tony Says:

    Must we really wait until October for “This Can’t End Well”??? WHY?!?!


  12. Freddie Says:

    Any chance we will get more of Andrew Mayhem? I absolutely love those stories. Also, Wolf Hunt 3?

    Liked by 1 person

    • jeffstrand Says:

      Hi, Freddie! Yes, there will be Mayhem 5, and yes, there will be Wolf Hunt 3, but not necessarily within the next year.

      Liked by 1 person

      • David Says:

        Hi Jeff,

        Big fan of your work!! Sorry for my apparent lack of patience but I really must ask: about long until the the next Wolf Hunt (if the answer has to be subtle then so be it, I can handle it)?? I really miss George and Lou and rereading the previous books isn’t helping. In fact, it’s probably making the wait even more unbearable.


  13. jeffstrand Says:

    Hi, David! Though there will be lots of new books next year, I’m not POSITIVE that one of them will be Wolf Hunt 3. But it might be…


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