Yak It Up!

The PRESSURE launch party last night was a definite success. Worries that I might find myself standing there, alone and unloved, surrounded by books that nobody wants, being spat upon by shoppers, were unfounded. Admittedly, there was some unruly behavior…

I’ve got approximately fifteen billion pictures of the event, so add me as a friend on Facebook (just search for “Jeff Strand” and find the goober in the reddish shirt) or MySpace (http://www.myspace.com/jeffstrand) if you wanna see ’em.

If you missed the “real life” book launch, fear not, because there’ll be an online one Monday night live on Lair of the Yak, 9:00 PM EST. If you’ve got a webcam, you can join in the fun, or you can just sit back and gape in horror at the festivities. It’ll be at…


A Reminder and a New Interview!

Well, PRESSURE has been on bookstore shelves for a few days, which means that we’re finally creeping up on the time when I’ll quit posting about it every damn day. 

Until then…remember, if you’re going to be in Tampa Saturday night, and you think you might be looking for something to do, and you decide that maybe you want to hang out with an author, and you think “Maybe that author should be a guy who wrote a book about a really messed-up friendship with a psycho,” then come on out to the PRESSURE launch party!

Free Dove chocolates! Coupons for free popcorn at the Tampa Theatre (which is playing BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID on Sunday)! The chance to have me write something dumb in your book! The chance to ask me for directions to the lavatory! It’s not my habit to judge the mental state of readers of this blog, but you’d have to be insane to miss this!

Barnes & Noble Carrollwood
Saturday, May 30
7:00 PM to…I dunno, whenever people quit showing up or they kick me out.
11802 N. Dale Mabry Highway
Tampa, Florida 33618
(813) 962-6446

And, hey, there’s an interview with me at Examiner.com, conducted by Julianne Draper! Check it out! 


PRESSURE = A Better, Safer World

PRESSURE is among the most socially responsible novels ever written. This handy two-minute video explains why.


PRESSURE In Stores…Today!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s finally here! The day you can walk into your local bookstore, ask “Pardon me, but do you have a copy of Pressure by Jeff Strand that I might purchase?” and the helpful employee will say “We sure do! Right this way, sir or madam!” and you’ll dance out of the store with a song in your heart and stardust between your toes.

(Admittedly, my preferred scenario has the employee saying “No! They sold out within minutes, and people keep begging for them! I fear for my life, and I don’t think the barricade is going to hold much longer! Oh, dear God, they’re almost through! Noooooooooo[splattery death gurgle]!!!”)

The first week of sales are important, so I hope you’ll pick up a copy even if your To Be Read pile is the size of a Dairy Queen. Strong sales means more books available in nice affordable mass market paperback editions! It also means more name recognition, and so your signed copy of Werewolf Porno could skyrocket in value! Also, when I get my first mansion, you’re invited to the pool party. There’ll be awesome guacamole and all the Snapple you can drink.

Unless the bodies turn up or the celebrity sex scandal I’m planning works out (Marisa Tomei: Call me!), this is going to be a book that succeeds on word of mouth. So if you have a mouth, I encourage you to use it. Also your fingers, if you want to type things like “Whoa! Pressure rocked!” in e-mail or blogs or message boards or chat rooms and stuff. Remember: Pressure success = more cheap books!

You should buy Pressure from your favorite local bookseller; however, if that favorite local bookseller is Barnes & Noble, a portion of all sales between Tuesday, May 26th and Sunday, May 31st will benefit the Tampa Theatre, an awesome non-profit theatre. You may be thinking “I live in Seattle. Why should I care about benefitting the Tampa Theatre?” Because they play all kinds of cool stuff, including silent films like Nosferatu with live organ accompaniment, and when I did a booksigning there a while back they let me pick the movie that played beforehand, and so I got to do a signing after the uncut version of Peter Jackson’s Dead/Alive, which played to a crazed audience. THAT is something we need to support, kids!

This benefit is good at any Barnes & Noble location, and it’s good for your entire purchase, not just Pressure. You don’t even have to buy Pressure. I hope you will, though. (See preceding paragraphs.) Just tell the cashier that you’re using Bookfair I.D. Number 560714. Or print out a voucher from the Tampa Theatre website at http://www.tampatheatre.org. (This summer they’re playing Creature from the Black Lagoon in 3-D. I mean, c’mon.)

Okay, let me skim this post to make sure the key point is clearly established…yep, I think I covered “Buy Pressure!” I hugely appreciate everyone’s support so far, and I hope you’ll stick with me as we jump to the next big level!

It’s a Horror/Comedy Episode of Dread Media!

The always excellent Dread Media podcast risked being somewhat less excellent by having me on as a guest, but I think it turned out pretty well. The new episode has a lengthy interview with me, a review of BENJAMIN’S PARASITE, and a discussion of my all-time favorite movie, SHAUN OF THE DEAD. 

Listen online or download it right here:  http://dread-media.com/

Take PRESSURE For A Test Drive!

So Leisure Books has this handy little widget that lets you flip through the first couple of chapters of PRESSURE online. That way, if you discover that the book sucks, you’ve spared yourself an unnecessary visit to the bookstore! (Also, the bookstore may offer a prorated purchase price if you explain that you’ve already read the first 34 pages. Or not.)

I could post it here on the front page, but then it would appear twice on the same website, and that might be considered “really obnoxious.” Thus, I’ll just post the link:


It’s Been Sighted!

Stay calm–this could be a hoax like the Loch Ness Monster film. But though the official on-sale date remains May 26th, a trustworthy source claims to have already seen copies of PRESSURE on the shelves of his local Borders store. One of the aforementioned copies was even purchased by said source. 

I’ve been unable to replicate this extraordinary occurrence here in Tampa, but that doesn’t mean you won’t meet with success of your own! Therefore, if you happen to be going to the bookstore anyway, I encourage you to take a few extra moments to research whether or not the phenomena of PRESSURE on shelves exists in your hometown. If your attitude is “It had damn better be there or I’m taking a human life!” then I encourage you to remain home until Tuesday.

Meanwhile, if you’re in Tampa, near Tampa, or have a way to get to Tampa, the official book launch event is on May 30th at Barnes & Noble Carrollwood at 7:00 PM. C’mon over and say “Hi.” You can even PRETEND that you’re going to buy a signed copy, flip through the pages, roll your eyes, and set it back down on the stack, just to mess with me!

Information on this and the other summer appearances is right HERE.

Another Interview! Another Review!

So did you hear the Metal Crypt interview? My warning that it wasn’t for classy people was accurate. The interview was live, but they’ll be archiving it soon, so you won’t miss out on any of the talk about stuff that I can’t discuss on a dignified blog such as this.

On Saturday I’ll be recording a podcast interview for Dread Media. If I don’t mention it again, that means I totally screwed up and babbled like a drunken pug. Otherwise, I’ll share the link early next week. 

After reading the FearZone interview, you probably said “Well, I guess that’s all I need to know about Jeff!” You were WRONG! Rhonda Wilson at Monster Librarian has posted an interview with me as well as a review of BENJAMIN’S PARASITE, which you can check out right here:



Click the links! Find out what my favorite podcasts are and whether or not BENJAMIN’S PARASITE is any good!

Fear Zone n’ Dread Central!

Gregory Lamberson of FearZone has just posted a brand-new interview with me! Learn how involved I was in the PRESSURE cover design, the process of preparing to be Stokers emcee, and lots of other stuff! 



And Dread Central has re-posted their five-stars-out-of-five (okay, five bloody daggers out of five) review of PRESSURE, snazzed up for the paperback edition. Check it out here:


Coming tonight, another interview and another review!

Metal Crypt Tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 20th, I’ll be a guest on Metal Crypt (hard rock radio!) and you can listen to me LIVE around 5:00 PM EST. But the show starts at 3:00 PM, and you’ll want to be there for the interview with author Rob Dunbar (THE PINES, THE SHORE). And stick around after my babbling is over for an interview with Spider of Powerman 5000! 

Get more information at http://metalcrypt.wordpress.com/. There’s also a nice handy “Play” button so you can listen online. WARNING: This show is inappropriate for anybody with even a speck of class. 

For bonus fun, I’ve got a doctor’s appointment tomorrow afternoon to check out what I hope is an ear infection (because the only other option I can think of is “hatching larvae”) so I may not even be able to form a complete sentence! Enjoy!

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