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How You Ruined My Life has been released into the world! I encourage you to march into your favorite local bookstore and pick up a copy, but you can also order it online in…



And audio formats!

How You Ruined My Life


SICK HOUSE Limited Edition Almost Sold Out!

The Thunderstorm Books deluxe hardcover edition of Sick House is almost gone! Click quickly!!!




Sleep first. Recap later.

Book Tour!!!

It’s just about time! Tomorrow, March 14th, Lynne Hansen and I will get up really early to beat the Atlanta traffic and drive to Tampa. That’s not an actual “stop” on the tour but we’re going to be at Cigar City Cider & Mead from 7PM-9PM. Join us!

Then on March 15th we’re driving to Cape Coral, where I’ll be spending the the day speaking at Challenger Middle School. (This is, obviously, not open to the public.) When I’ve finished sharing my “wisdom” with the youngsters, we’re off to Coral Springs for the first evening of Coral Springs Festival of the Arts!

On March 16th I’m getting up really really really early and driving back to Cape Coral to speak at Cape Coral High School for their annual Literacy Festival. (Again, not open to the public.) And then it’s back for the second evening of CSFOA.

March 17th we’ll be at CSFOA all day. I’m giving a one-hour talk called “Stick With It! Sustaining Your Passion in a Brutal Business” and Lynne is giving the keynote speech, “How to Thrive as a Working Creative.”

Sunday, March 18th the CSFOA authors will be signing books all day. When that event is over, I’ll be off to the Barnes & Noble in Plantation, Florida, where at 7:00 PM I’ll be signing my newest YA novel How You Ruined My Life and Stacie Ramey will be signing her latest, The Secrets We Bury. 

In the wee morning hours of March 19th we’ll be collecting Ms. Ramey and driving all the way back to Woodstock, Georgia (near Atlanta) so Stacie and I can do a Q&A/signing at Foxtale Book Shoppe at 6:30 PM. Ask us anything! We have no secrets! Except for…..The Secrets We Bury. (We’ll be more clever than that at the event, even after a long drive.)

March 20th Stacie and I are off to Nashville, Tennessee to do a signing at McKay’s Books at 6:00 PM. Maybe a notable horror author or two will be hanging out there…

March 21st Stacie and I will be in Charlotte, North Carolina at Park Road Books, joined by the lovely and talented John Hartness, who will be moderating a Q&A. Maybe a notable horror author or two will be hanging out there, too…

March 22nd Stacie and I will be in Greenville, South Carolina at Fiction Addiction. For the groupies following us to every stop, this will be the final signing Stacie and I are doing together (maybe forever–we’ll see how this whole thing works out).

March 23rd, Stacie is off to the airport, and I’m driving to Chattanooga for the Meacham Writers’ Workshop at the University of Tennessee. Though aimed at college students, this is free and open to the public. I’ll be doing a reading on the 23rd, and an hour-long writing seminar on Friday the 24th.

And then I’m back home for some rest and relaxation, by which I mean finishing up my novel Bring Her Back


The paperback edition of Sick House is now available. Get it right HERE!


Welcome to Gleefully Macabre!

V2_SickHouseWelcome to my website! Whether you were brought here by interest in my work or a Google search gone terribly wrong, I encourage you to hang around and start clicking away!

My new novel, Sick House, is available now in Kindle and paperback editions.

My new novella, An Apocalypse of Our Own, is also available now in a Kindle edition.

And my new short story collection, Everything Has Teethis now out in, yes, a Kindle edition!

(P.S.: People who leave reviews on Amazon deserve great big hugs!)

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