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ClownsVSSpidersFront1800x2700Welcome to my website! Whether you were brought here by interest in my work or a Google search gone terribly wrong, I encourage you to hang around and start clicking away!

My latest novel, Clowns Vs. Spiders, is now available in a Kindle and paperback edition!

My compilation Five Novellas is now available in a Kindle and paperback edition!

My novel My Pretties is available now in a Kindle and paperback edition!

My novel Ferocious is now available in a Kindle and paperback edition!

(P.S.: People who leave reviews on Amazon deserve great big hugs!)

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Clowns Vs. Spiders Available Now!

It’s here! At least the Kindle edition is here! Yes, it’s time for my latest novel, Clowns Vs. Spiders!


Jaunty the Clown just wants to entertain families with lighthearted slapstick antics, but people think of clowns as terrifying, nightmarish creatures who hide in closets or under beds. When Jaunty, along with his fellow performers Guffaw, Wagon, Reginald The Pleasant Clown, and Bluehead are fired from the circus, they’re told that the world just doesn’t like clowns anymore.

Still, clowns have to eat. And since these clowns don’t eat children, to make ends meet they’re eventually forced to take a job in a popular haunted attraction, the Mountain of Terror. Instead of charming entertainers, they’re now scary clowns. A zombie clown. A demon clown. A creepy doll clown.

But the town is about to discover something more frightening than clowns. Because on opening night, millions of oversized spiders emerge from a cave and begin their deadly invasion…

From Bram Stoker Award-nominated author Jeff Strand comes an insane mix of shameless silliness and grisly creepy-crawly horror. Clowns Vs. Spiders. Who will win?

Get it right HERE.

Travels N’ Stuff

I’m writing this in a cabin in Wisconsin. There is plenty of cheese available.

My heavy duty travel time, which included Necon, Scares That Care, and KillerCon in about a one-month period, is almost over. I’ll be driving to Peoria, where I’ll be seeing a “Weird Al” Yankovic concert, and then all the way back down to Atlanta, after which I’ll be home for about six weeks.

I don’t mean “in my house” for six weeks. I’ll get back Saturday night, and Sunday morning I’m immediately off to the Decatur Book Festival, where I’ll be at the Horror Writers Association: Atlanta Chapter booth with other fine spooooooooky authors. But that’s, like, a ten-minute drive. And September 27-29 I’ll be a guest at Monsterama, but that’s in Alpharetta and I’ll be driving home each night, so it doesn’t count.

Nope, I’m home until the long-ass drive from Atlanta, Georgia to Haverhill, Massachusetts in October for the Merrimack Valley Halloween Book Festival. Last year the drive SUCKED. Will it equally suck this year? Probably not. Last year we were trying to outrun a hurricane. Oh, it’s still going to suck, though. You know it’s an amazing event when it’s worth that crappy of a drive.

Upon returning from Haverhill, I’ll have another local convention (Multiverse–I don’t yet know if I’ll be an author guest or just a commoner), followed by the awesome Scary Fireside Stories event a few minutes from my house, then a trip to North Carolina which was originally going to include a booksigning but now probably won’t, then a trip to Birmingham, Alabama for Noir at the Bar, then a Minnesota Thanksgiving visit, and then I am, in theory, home for the rest of 2019.

I do kind of wish the trio of Necon, Scares That Care, and KillerCon were spaced further apart. Part of the fun is the “OMG only 47 more days until Necon!!!!!” anticipation, which instead becomes “Holy s**t it’s KillerCon time already!” This is, of course, big time First World Whining, so feel free to roll your eyes.

NEXT BLOG: KillerCon report.

CURRENTLY READING: The Art of Dying by Derik Cavignano and Braineater Jones by Stephen Kozeniewski.

Latest Newsletter

The latest issue of my newsletter just went out! It contains the goofy little story “Last One In,” a handy guide to which of the five novellas in my collection FIVE NOVELLAS is best for you, and a couple of cool images that you’re probably seen already. Read it online here:



My Next Novel…

Despite the Wolf Hunt 3 (available October 25th) teaser, that’s not my next novel! This is:


Cover by Lynne Hansen Art. Coming soon…


People often ask when novellas like An Apocalypse of Our Own, Stalking You Now, Kutter and others will appear in paperback. I’ve never really wanted to publish them as individual books (they’re kinda thin) but there’s a huge difference between something like Faint of Heart and Facial, and it seemed like a collection of several of my novellas would be a very odd package.

Recently, I said, “Screw it. Let it be an odd package.”

I needed a cover, so I went to my wife and cover artist Lynne Hansen of Lynne Hansen Art. 

ME: Where’s the link to the pre-designed book covers on your site?

LYNNE: I took it down. I don’t sell them anymore. Why?

ME: I’m putting together a collection of five of my novellas.

LYNNE: No, no, no, I’ll do a new cover for that. What’s the collection called?

ME: Five Novellas.

LYNNE: You can’t call it Five Novellas!

ME: [Repeats explanation for the title, which appears in the introduction to the collection, and which is part of the free Kindle sample.]

[Time passes.]

LYNNE: Here you go.


ME: Sweet!

LYNNE [formatting the paperback edition]: Do you want the cover to each novella to appear before it?

ME: No. I never re-published Facial and we don’t have a cover.

LYNNE: You need a cover for Facial.

[Time passes.]

LYNNE: Here you go.


ME: Sweet.

LYNNE: Also I’ve been wanting to redo the cover to Faint of Heart.

ME: The scope of this project seems to be expanding an an alarming rate.

[Time passes.]

LYNNE: Here you go.


ME: Sweet.

So Five Novellas ended with three new covers, not counting the back cover design on the paperback. (TRIVIA: The back cover of Ferocious has the vicious zombie squirrel!)

That’s why Facial is available again (HERE) but you shouldn’t buy it unless Facial is the only one of the five books you’re interested in.

Instead, Stalking You Now, An Apocalypse of Our Own, Faint of Heart, Kutter, and Facial are now available in the ingeniously titled Five Novellas! 125,000 words for $2.99!

Kindle edition available HERE.

Paperback edition available next week.

If you want Lynne Hansen to go above and beyond for YOUR cover needs, check out her services at LynneHansenArt.com.



Another June Newsletter!

The latest issue of my newsletter just went out. It includes a link to 30 free thrillers on Kindle, including my own Blister, along with the brand-new story “Fresh Fish” and an interview with Tod Clark, who reads all of my books before they’re published.

Check it out HERE.


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