Benjamin’s Parasite

Benjamin's Parasite Kindle Cover


Available in Kindle and paperback editions.

At any given moment, the human body contains millions of parasites.

This is the story of just one.

A really, really nasty one.

Benjamin Wilson was having a lousy month even before the stomach pains began. He was about to turn forty. One of his students had been shot while on a homicidal meat cleaver rampage. And shortly after the funeral, Benjamin didn’t feel so good…

Now everything is changing. His body is being affected in some very unpleasant ways. His personality is developing a few “quirks.” But the biggest change is that he has a bunch of evil and/or psychotic people trying to hunt him down to acquire the parasite. His only hope is Julie, a gorgeous bounty hunter who may or may not have Benjamin’s best interests in mind, and who may or may not be competent enough to help him anyway.

Jeff Strand, author of The Sinister Mr. Corpse,Gleefully Macabre Tales, and Pressure, delivers his most outrageous adventure yet—an over-the-top mix of gruesome body horror and a wacky road trip comedy.

Benjamin’s Parasite. You’ll laugh until your intestines scramble.


“A fantastic blend of gross-out horror and black humor.” — Horror World

“Most assuredly the creepiest book I’ve read lately. And the funniest.” —The Book Zombie

“Combining horror and comedy in such a way that neither overpowers the other is a delicate operation, but it’s something that Strand has demonstrated time and again he is a master of doing with surgical precision. Diabolically demented…Strand has delivered yet another masterpiece.” — Savannah Now

“This is probably Strand’s fastest-paced book yet. A ton of laughs. Highly recommended!” — Monster Librarian

“It’s hard to imagine this kind of splat-shtick working on the page, but Strand pulls it off beautifully. Horror lit to tickle your funny bone has found a new champion.” — Brain Tremors

And you can view the trailer right here!


9 Responses to “Benjamin’s Parasite”

  1. All Purpose Monkey Says:

    Cool trailer! That pre-order is for the trade paperback only for now, right? And word on when the “pricey hardcover limited edition” cost and ordering info will be available?


  2. Steve Says:

    Aye! When can us collecting junkie’s get the limited edition? Will there be a fancy-pants lettered edition? Calf-skin? Sheep-skin? Butt-skin?


  3. Mom Says:

    Fantastic – i got this one on my Kindle!!!!
    Love M


  4. Sweetie Bracelet Says:

    i have so many funny bones in myself that is why i would love to be a comedian ‘**


  5. Kyle L. Says:

    Just read this book today. Loved it, it didn’t disappoint, as with all your books! It almost reminded me of a Mayhem-esque ride through some of it.


  6. jeffstrand Says:

    Thanks, Kyle! Yeah, Benjamin does have some of that Mayhem-style bad luck!


  7. wendy latham. Says:

    Did you just Reading Rainbow a horror book?


  8. Tony Says:

    I can’t find the Kindle version of this book on Amazon anymore. Will it be returning with a new version like Fangboy?


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