CultureGeek on DWELLER

Author Elizabeth Donald recently reviewed Dweller in her CultureGeek column, and had–spoiler alert!–extremely kind things to say about it. Of course, I wouldn’t be posting about it if she said it sucked, but still…

“It is both intimate and epic, terrifying and grief-stricken, tense and hilarious and sad all at once…If you can’t handle the kind of terror that comes with throwing the rulebook out the window, you’d best not pick up this book.”

Did you see that? She thinks you might be too SCARED to pick up Dweller! You might not be able to HANDLE it! Oh, you should definitely prove her wrong! Don’t let her get away with suggesting that you’re too much of a wuss for this book!

The full review is at


After all of my whining about how the Florida Film Festival, the Sarasota Film Festival, and the Sunscreen Film Festival were all at the same time…I fell behind on my new book and wasn’t able to see ANYTHING.

Woe and sorrow and all that stuff.

A Pair of Gleefully Macabre Reviews

I thought I’d take a quick break from the Dweller promo in order to do some Gleefully Macabre Tales promo. Because, after all, for you e-book reading mavericks, the book is now available for the Kindle!

The Deepening World of Fiction said “As you read you will find honest horror, black humour, the macabre, complete and utter silliness, the gross, the humorous horrific and laugh-out-loud comedy. Strand is a madman with a pen! I’ve read just one of his books, and I’d be willing to bet I could recognize his writing anywhere. Horror is supposed to disturb. Gleefully Macabre Tales disturbs on several levels. A breath of fresh air.”

Horror-Web said “Whether you enjoy his funny or his serious stories, this collection is one worth having on your shelf.” This review also contains a reference to polydactylism, says that some stories are so good that blood will squish through your toes, and incorrectly states that Stephen King does not write his own forewords.

But you don’t HAVE to have it on your shelf, because as I said before the quotes, it’s now available as an e-book! Or you can stampede right over to Dark Regions Press and get the paperback edition by clicking the handy URL below.

Paperback Horror on DWELLER

Hey, it’s time for another Dweller review! Tomorrow I will break out of Dweller promotion mode and, uh, post a couple of reviews for Gleefully Macabre Tales. But after that, I promise to post something stupid. Or maybe a review of Kick-Ass, which is the best movie of 2010 and unlikely to be topped.

Anyway, Paperback Horror posted a review of Dweller that says:

“…one of the most endearing and saddest monster stories of all time. A very powerful book with incredible characters and an addictive story structure. The best book of 2010 so far.”

(Fortunately, since Dweller is a novel and not a movie, I don’t have to compete with the awesomeness of Kick-Ass.)

Admit it–those of you who’ve been around since the How to Rescue a Dead Princess or Mandibles days didn’t see that kind of reaction coming, did you? As always, in case you think I’m a lying bastard, here’s the link to the full review:

Dread Central on DWELLER…

Dread Central just posted a review of Dweller, saying such kind-hearted things as:

“Jeff Strand is developing quite a following. With his last book, Pressure, he set himself up to be a bright new voice in the horror world. With Dweller, he shows us that not only can be build a tight story, but he can also build one that is oddly poignant, touching, and just as bloody as can be….From the first few paragraphs, I was hooked on this book. It’s quirky, strange, and not quite what one would expect, but it is well worth the read. Strand shows once again that he is a talented writer with a unique style and a warped imagination.”

To prove that I’m not just making all of that up, the full review is at

Important Cannibalism Alert

This product was recently brought into my household. I’m not alarmed by the ginger root with arms, legs, and facial features, but I AM deeply disturbed that he’s eating a ginger chew!

“Yes,” you may be saying, “but it’s a Spicy Apple Ginger Chew. He’s just in it for the apple part!” So are you saying that if I were to make myself a human-and-bacon sandwich, I’d be less of a cannibal?

I mean, sure, there are plenty of barbecue places that feature happy pigs slobbering over a rack of ribs, but at least we don’t actually SEE the cannibalism. But look at that package. Look at the way the ginger chew is stretching from his hand to his teeth. Look at that smile.

This is SICK, people, and I don’t mean “sick” in the way these damn modern kids have appropriated the word.

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