New Book: The Writing Life

It happened. Yesterday I turned 50. But more importantly, my new book, The Writing Life: Reflections, Recollections, And a Lot of Cursing came out! It’s available in Kindle and paperback editions!

I also ate a lot of sushi.

My First Non-Fiction Book

December 14th is my birthday. One of the big, monumental ones. Number fifty. Yep, on Monday I’ll have half a century behind me!

I’ll be celebrating with the publication of my first non-fiction book, The Writing Life: Reflections, Recollections, And a Lot of Cursing.

Here’s the description:

Jeff Strand, whose work Publishers Weekly has called “wickedly funny” and Kirkus has called “ridiculously stupid,” has had one of the least meteoric rises to success in the publishing industry. But he eventually got there, even if he should probably put “success” in quotes.

He’s been at it a long time, and has learned a lot of lessons along the way. And he shares them with brutal honesty in this very book, along with plenty of hilarious (and sometimes painful) anecdotes about his career. 

This is not a book that will tell you how to format a manuscript or write a compelling query letter. It’s a book about how to cope with rejection and bad reviews. Book signings where nobody shows up. Helplessly watching your peers go on to greater success than you. He’s been through all of that and so much more, and in these pages you’ll have a bunch of laughs as you commiserate and figure out how to get through it all.

There won’t be pre-orders for the paperback edition (though it should be available on the 14th) but you can pre-order the Kindle edition right HERE.

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