Two Twisted Nuts

twotwistednutsmastermedium.jpgTwo Twisted Nuts

A Chapbook of Testicular Terror

by Jeff Strand and Nick Cato

Be afraid.

Be very, very, very, very, VERY freakin’ afraid.

“Mr. Sensitive” by Jeff Strand

“Ball Breaker” by Nick Cato

Even the mightiest of men will cringe and whimper…

This was Novello Publishing’s first chapbook. 500 copies were published, which is a lot when you’re talking about a testicle-themed chapbook. We debuted it at the 2005 World Horror Convention, where I almost read my story out loud in front of an audience but wussed out and picked a different story instead.

To the best of my knowledge, you can’t officially order this one anymore (though my story “Mr. Sensitive” appears in Gleefully Macabre Tales) but I’ve got a bunch of copies, so if you ask really nice…

4 Responses to “Two Twisted Nuts”

  1. Nick Cato Says:

    TWO TWISTED NUTS can now be ordered at Hurry—there’s only around 200 copies left!


  2. stephen Says:

    i got mine at bad moon books. i think roy’s got more than the 2 i bought.


  3. Tim Bedair Says:

    Jeff I love all of your work I have yet to find an author who can make me cringe laugh out loud than choke on my cereal lol I would love a copy of this book


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