Candy Coated Madness

Available now in Kindle and paperback editions!

Horror/comedy master Jeff Strand returns with a collection of twenty-six gleefully macabre tales!

A cheerful snack mascot who snaps under the pressure. The nightmarish effects of the most depressing holiday song of all time. A virtual reality environment that allows you to enact your most depraved fantasies…sort of. Giant mutant cockroaches doing battle with zombies in the Old West. An unnerving discovery in the Book of Revelation. The true secret of silent comedian Buster Keaton’s success. Plus a Halloween curse, a lot of psychopaths, and much more!

Often hilarious, frequently gruesome, and sometimes just flat-out wrong to the point where laughing at them presents a moral quandary, Candy Coated Madness is Strand at his demented best!


Virtual Reality Kill Zone

Good Deeds

Captain Pistachio’s Charming Rampage

The Last Thing You Want To Be

Lab Experiment Turf War

No Tomato

Clyde the Necrophile

Don’t Make Fun of the Haunted House

Ivan’s Night Out

Pointy Canes

Giant Mutant Cockroaches in the Old West Vs. Zombies


Smashing Jacks


Green Suits

The Fraud


The Great Stone Face Vs. The Gargoyles



Dismemberment Fraud

Beware! The! Beverage!

Rotten Eggs

Gave Up The Ghost

December Birthday

My Werewolf Neighbor

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