Mayhem IV

Yeah, I know, website updates have been sparse lately. But…the e-book edition of Lost Homicidal Maniac (Answers to “Shirley”), the fourth Andrew Mayhem novel, is now available! Get it from Amazon and Smashwords for a mere $2.99!

Andrew Mayhem is back! In this dark and hilarious new adventure, Andrew has started up a private investigation business with his best friend Roger (slogan: “We Solve Weird Problems”). Since his options in life will become somewhat more limited after his wife Helen gives birth to triplets, it’s his last-ditch effort to get out of being stuck with a corporate day job.

One of their first clients is an attractive woman named Shirley. Keeping with the kind of luck Andrew has had his entire life, her problem is: “I think I may be a serial killer.”

Yeah, he takes the job. Even after she insists on being handcuffed to him while they investigate the house where she might have stored the bodies of her victims.

But Andrew discovers that this day has much more danger in store than being handcuffed to a woman who may or may not be a homicidal maniac. Because Mr. Burke, the sadistic villain of his last adventure, has been watching Andrew and plotting a truly ghastly revenge…and the attack begins now!

Packed with the trademark demented humor, wild action, and grisly horror, this is the novel that Andrew Mayhem fans have been threatening to stab the author if he doesn’t write.

Foreword by the lovely and talented JA Konrath.

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