Holy cow! Deathless is available today in Kindle and paperback editions!

Tell everbody you know!!!

November 27th

You can order the paperback edition of Deathless now! I wanted to make sure people could have it by November 30th, the publication date for the Kindle edition, but if you order now you might even get it a day early!

Paperback edition:

Kindle edition (pre-order):

It’s obviously a bit nerve-wracking to write a sequel to one of my most popular books fifteen years later, but early reactions have been stellar. Will that continue after the book is available to the masses…?

November 26th

Except for helping prep dinner, I took Thanksgiving completely off. No packing, no writing. I watched the Macy’s Day Parade, part of the dog show (always disappointing because pugs never do well), Black Widow, Shang Chi: Legend of the Ten Rings, and part of The Beatles: Get Back.

Today I’ve been packing all day.

November 22nd

Moving day! (Part One.) Today I will be moving lots and lots and lots of boxes, but I won’t be carrying them upstairs…that’s tomorrow!

The original story that’s included in each issue of my newsletter is generally written the day before I send it out, or sometimes the same day if I’ve been particularly slackery. I’m trying to build up a backlog of stories so that when it’s time to send a newsletter I can just pluck one from the pile instead of frantically running around flapping my arms going “I’m out of ideas! I’m out of ideas!” So far I’m two ahead, “Six Cents a Word” and “Not Enough Coins.” Will I get even further ahead…?

November 21st

Packing continues! We’re now in the “stuff piled everywhere” phase of the move. We’re moving in multiple trips instead of one nightmarish hell-on-earth trip, so tomorrow we’re picking up a truck in the morning and starting with the “dozens and dozens of small heavy boxes” portion, wherein I shake my fist at the sky and curse the number of books I own. Then we’ll return and fill the truck up with bookshelves. This will involve about eight hours of driving, but I’ll have the music CRANKED.

November 18th

I’ve made a respectable dent in the packing process. Oh, I’m not anywhere CLOSE to being done, oh noooooo, but if the boxes in the kitchen fell over, I’m confident that they could flatten even a very large human.

The first two titles in my Gleefully Macabre line from Thunderstorm Books have shipped, and they look like this:

November 16th

Sent out a new issue of my newsletter today. If you’re not a subscriber, check it out here:

Today I began the actual task of packing for the move to Chattanooga. 10 boxes of books down. Many, many, many more to go. When we moved from Florida to Atlanta, I got rid of a MASSIVE number of books, and after transporting the ones that survived the purge it was still “How the hell did I acquire this many books?”

To any of you reading this who have had to move my books to a new home or apartment, I apologize.

November 14th

The wait isn’t over yet, but it’s over soon! The paperback and Kindle editions of Deathless will be available on November 30th! So you have a couple of weeks to read the first book, or refresh your memory!

You can pre-order the Kindle edition HERE. No pre-orders of the paperback edition, but the listing will probably go live sooner than the 30th, so stay tuned…

November 9th

Hey, it’s a Deathless unboxing video!

This guy is actually excited to receive the book. I was once part of a Rue Morgue mystery box, which included the exclusive chapbook version of My Werewolf Neighbor. Quite a few unboxing videos were posted, and it was amusing watching the lack of enthusiasm with which people discovered this particular treasure.

November 8th

Well, this past weekend I did the last of my personal appearances for 2021. I debuted my talk “Surviving the Writing Life” (the live presentation version of my book The Writing Life: Reflections, Recollections, and a Lot of Cursing) at the Atlanta Writers Conference. It was in two parts, and some people returned for the second part, so I’ll call it a success.

We may have our (rental) home in Chattanooga. If I’m understanding the situation correctly, we’re at the “Making sure your application is not a web of lies” stage, and once we get past that, they’ll send over the lease. And then the fun of moving to a new house begins, but it should be about 10% as bad as the hell on earth of the move from Tampa to Atlanta, so I’m not filled with feelings of dread.

As far as I know, the Earthling Publications limited edition of Deathless has been received by everybody who ordered it, unless their mail service sucks. The paperback and e-book edition will be available November 30th.

The Thunderstorm Books limited edition of Autumn Bleeds Into Winter is about to ship. Allison is next!

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