Borderlands Boot Camp

Over the past twenty years, the Borderlands Boot Camp has become a legend. Writers have called it a life-changing experience, a single weekend that brings their writing to the next level.

After running it for two decades, Tom Monteleone and F. Paul Wilson have passed the torch.

No, not to me! That would be ridiculous. I can’t run a boot camp for writers. It’s Brian Keene and Mary San Giovanni running it…but I’m an instructor!

Yes, along with Brian, Mary, Maurice Broaddus, Norman Prentiss, and John Urbancik, I am one of the instructors at the 2023 Borderlands Boot Camp. This time it’s associated with the Scares That Care charity, and its March 29-31 dates (in Williamsburg, Virginia) will immediately lead into the Scares That Care: AuthorCon convention that weekend.

It’s intense. It’s honest. It’s not for authors who aren’t willing to take a VERY close look at their writing.

Registration is now open. Get all the details right HERE.

August 23

Available today! It’s the Kindle edition of the charity anthology A Woman Unbecoming! Stories of righteous rage, and though my contribution, “Blowing Off Steam,” is my usual goofiness, it definitely fits the theme! Print edition coming soon. Get it HERE.

August 22

I know, it’s been a while! I’ve been traveling. Since my last update, I went to Williamsburg, Virginia for Scares That Care. Then to Austin, Texas for KillerCon, with a stop in New Orleans on the way back. Then down to Orlando, Florida for Fantasm. I’m now back in Chattanooga with a book deadline hurtling toward me like a bullet train.

I’ll share details of the trips later (spoiler: I won a Splatterpunk Award for Best Short Story for “Next Best Baker.” The book it appeared in, Baker’s Dozen, won for Best Anthology). For now, my travels are over for a bit, excluding Ron Kelly’s book launch party on September 3rd, which doesn’t count because it’s only a couple of hours away!

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