February 25th

MAUDE: I hear that the WOLF HUNT series is lively fun, but I’d have to order three separate books! Who has that kind of time?

HELGA: If only there was a better way!

JEFF: Hi, ladies!

MAUDE / HELGA: Published author Jeff Strand!!!

MAUDE: I thought you were dead!

JEFF: Wait, what? Where did you hear that?

MAUDE: I forget. I pretty much just skim social media, so I may have mixed you up with somebody else. Maybe it was Maberry.

JEFF: Anyway, I heard you wallowing in misery over your conundrum, and I have the perfect solution: The WOLF HUNT trilogy!

HELGA: The WOLF HUNT trilogy? What sort of evil sorcery is that?

JEFF: It’s WOLF HUNT, WOLF HUNT 2, and WOLF HUNT 3 in one Kindle book!

MAUDE: Bulls**t! Nothing could be THAT convenient!

JEFF: It’s true! And with its low, low price it’s like getting three books for the price of two! If one of them sucks, it’s free!

HELGA: I didn’t even know there was a WOLF HUNT 3. F**king Facebook algorithms!

MAUDE: How can I get this amazing deal?

JEFF: Click right here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B084ZH9PVV

HELGA: I’m buying it right now! I’d have to be a total derp to miss out!

MAUDE: Hey, I see my mistake. You’re not dead yet. You die next Thursday.

[Uncomfortable silence. Then everybody laughs and laughs.]

JEFF: That handy link again is: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B084ZH9PVV

HELGA: You posted it, like, four lines ago.

JEFF: Go to hell.


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February 24th

On Wednesday I’m heading off to Houston! The primary reason for the visit is that I’m spending all day Friday talking to school kids, dispensing advice intended to sabotage future writing careers, because I don’t need the competition. (“If an editor rejects your book, they’re just playing hard to get. Step up your game. Visit their home.”)

But the great big bonus is my event at the Alamo Drafthouse! It’s an “if you’re ever in Houston…” idea that was proposed to me several years ago and is finally happening! If you’re in the area and were thinking about going, only one seat remains!

Screen Shot 2020-02-24 at 9.15.23 PM


Get more information HERE.



February 22nd

Do you wish you were listening to my soothing, manly voice right now? Your dreams are about to come true! Katie Southard has started a podcast called Make Me Read Your Book, and I’m the guest in Episode VII.

This was recorded the morning before the Merrimack Valley Halloween Festival. My hotel had two fire alarms in the middle of the night, one around 2:00 AM and one around 4:00 PM, forcing all of the guests to march out into the cold and wait for the firefighters to arrive and assure us we weren’t all going to perish in flames. It was kind of amusing the first time; less so the second. But I want to assure you that at no point did I fall asleep during the recording of this podcast.

You can check out my episode right HERE.

Or check out all of the prior episodes HERE.

February 20th

Have you been wanting to read the three Wolf Hunt novels, but clicking three different links seems like such a hassle? Well, I’ve got good news for you! Now you can get the entire trilogy in one convenient Kindle package at a low price!


Get it right HERE.

Meanwhile, we’re just over a week away from “An Evening With Jeff Strand” at the Alamo Drafthouse in Houston, with a double feature of two of my favorite movies (May and Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil) plus the world premiere of “Hostile.”

But if you want to hang out with me beforehand, I’ll be there four (!) hours before the movies begin! So if you’re in Houston or within, say, 500 miles of it, here’s the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/839382983173507/


February 16th

I don’t use this blog to wallow in tales of failure, but yesterday I tried to get some half-priced Valentine’s Day chocolate, and the supplies were completely decimated. There was nothing left. I should’ve gone earlier, but I didn’t know I was competing against a bunch of savages.

My trip to Houston isn’t far away! I’ll be sharing my “wisdom” with 100 students, then another 100 students, then 50 students, but you’re not invited to that because schools tend to frown upon strangers roaming the hallways. But “An Evening With Jeff Strand,” which was already an astounding value at $10 for a double feature of May and Tucker & Dale Vs. Evilwill now also feature the WORLD PREMIERE of “Hostile,” the short film I wrote, directed by Brett Kelly.

Tickets are still available! Get ’em HERE.

February 13th

New supernatural horror novel coming soon! Cover by Lynne Hansen.


February 12th

I’ve updated the following link from my Appearances page, since you can now buy tickets! I was surprised to see that they’ve billed it as “An Evening With Jeff Strand,” instead of just me lurking around while they showed a couple of great movies…

February 28. Houston, Texas. Alamo DrafthouseI’ll be doing a booksigning at this legendary movie theater, which is known for its incredible events AND for throwing your ass out if you talk or text during the movie! I got to choose the double feature, so it’s gonna be May and Tucker & Dale Vs. EvilGet your tickets now!

Wolfy Paperbacks!

Wolf Hunt 3 is finally available in paperback! It’s joined by redesigned and less expensive paperbacks of Wolf Hunt and Wolf Hunt 2, along with Dweller. Get ’em at the following links:

Wolf Hunt

Wolf Hunt 2

Wolf Hunt 3



February 10th

Hey, I just got to watch Hostile, the short horror/comedy film that I wrote and that Brett Kelly directed, and I’m thrilled with the way it turned out! The actors (Ray Besharah and Andrew Galligan) sell the jokes perfectly. I loved it!

Where/when can YOU see it? I dunno yet. The plan is to get it into film festivals, though the budget for film festival submissions is super duper tiny. If an anthology had a submission fee for short stories, the publishing industry would scream “Stay away! Stay far, far away!” but submission fees for film festivals are standard operating procedure, so it’s a costly process. Hopefully it’ll screen at a fest near you!

The paperback edition of Wolf Hunt 3 is live, along with the new paperbacks of Wolf Hunt, Wolf Hunt 2, and Dweller, but they aren’t linked to the Kindle versions yet (which means no reviews are showing up) so I’m gonna save sharing the links until that happens. But they’re available if you wanna search for ’em…

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