A BAD DAY FOR VOODOO: The Music Video!

Now that we’re no longer going insane waiting for June 2012, this music video about going insane waiting for June 2012 is a bit outdated. But, hey, it’s still funny stuff. Trevor Strong has composed and performed a lovely song about the excruciating agony of having to wait for A Bad Day For Voodoo to come out. And Lynne Hansen has given you a delightful video to look at while you listen to the song. Check it out!

The Next President of the United States?

Yes, as you can see by the below photo, actual teenagers enjoy reading A Bad Day For Voodoo. Madison could be one of our future leaders, and it’s good to see that her parents are raising her right. 


Corrupts Absolutely: Bit by Bloody Bit

Meli Hooker at Dreadful Tales is doing a very thorough, multi-part review of the anthology Corrupts Absolutely. Today’s installment of Bit by Bloody Bit covers the sixth through tenth stories in the anthology, which includes my contribution, “The Origin of Slashy.” Part of what she says is:

“Strand is a master of horror/comedy, so even though the content is centered on brutal reality he elicits chuckles without being inappropriate or offensive.”

I apologize to those readers who were hoping for something inappropriate and/or offensive. You can read the whole entry right HERE and get Corrupts Absolutely right HERE.

P.S.: Go buy A Bad Day For Voodoo

In Stores Now!

It’s here, kids! As you can see from the photographic evidence below, my novel A Bad Day For Voodoo is now in bookstores! It might be difficult to fight through the frenzied crowds, but if you wear protective headgear you should be okay. You can also order it from the very internet you’re using to view this webpage! 


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