Well…CAN It???

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LibCon Tomorrow!

Saturday, June 27. Orlando, Florida. 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. It’s LibCon!!!

Books! Authors! Panel discussions for readers and writers! Happy smiling people! More books! Free, free, free!

C’mon out. For all the details, click HERE.

LibCon Graphic

KUMQUAT – Freeeeeeee!!!

From now until Thursday, June 11th, the Kindle edition of Kumquat is free! So if you’ve been wanting to read it, but you don’t really want to pay for it, yet you’re also not the kind of thieving scoundrel miscreant who would download it from a file sharing site, this is your chance!

Just click HERE.

Tell your friends!

Tell your friends to tell their friends!

Newsletter Redux!

I had a newsletter for many years, then I kind of let it fade away, and now I’m BRINGING IT BACK!!!

It’ll be monthly, starting sometime in July. Over the next four weeks I’ll be making a prettier sign-up form and giving you a better idea of what to expect, but for now, you can sign up at the following URL:


The World’s Most Amazing Cat

Wow, this cat (owned by Jody Roberts) not only knows how to use a Kindle, but made an excellent reading selection.

Some conspiracy theorists may think that this picture was posed. I don’t know. I wasn’t there. I just swiped it from Facebook. But even if this cat DIDN’T actually turn on the Kindle and select my book, at least it’s lying there next to it, and that’s more than most felines do for my career. So let us hail this genius miracle cat and have an extra spoonful of Friskies on his or her behalf.

Jody Roberts Cat

IMPORTANT UPDATE!!! Erik Smith just posted the following photographic evidence of his own amazing cat. This cat has THREE of my books, but is that the expression of a cat who is ENJOYING them? I’m not convinced that it is.

Erik Smith Cat

ANOTHER IMPORTANT UPDATE!!! This is getting out of control. Now Kristin Dearborn’s dog is proving that other species can be just as incredible. All this time I assumed that humans were my core demographic, but now I wonder…

Kristin Dearborn Dog

A Musical???

Last night I came up with the idea for a musical (a dark circus-themed comedy), and I wrote the lyrics to the first song. I also came up with ideas for the next three songs.

No, it doesn’t flow very well in the first draft, and I only have the vaguest idea of the actual, y’know, MUSIC, but still…musical!!!

Q: Hey! Who the hell said you could work on a musical? You’re supposed to be writing a book!

A: I worked on it after a productive day on the current novel.

Q: But you could have spent that time working on an Andrew Mayhem novel! You SUCK!

A: I’ll write what I want! Hahahahahahahaha!!!

But, no, I’m not dropping everything to write a two-act musical extravaganza. It’s purely a fun side project. For now…

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