The Mayhem Trilogy Returns…

Yes, kids, December 2011 will finally bring the long-awaited (if you’re youthful and 2004 seems like a lifetime ago) or short-awaited (if you find yourself saying things like “Are the holidays here already?”) fourth novel in the Andrew Mayhem series, Lost Homicidal Maniac (Answers to “Shirley”). 

But I’m not here to talk about that one. Instead, I’m here to talk about the new digital editions of the first three books: Graverobbers Wanted (No Experience Necessary), Single White Psychopath Seeks Same, and Casket For Sale (Only Used Once).

These are not the first e-book editions of the Andrew Mayhem novels. In fact, the first two novels were originally e-book exclusives, back when you SUCKED if your books were only available digitally. But, in preparation for Mayhem IV, the Kindle editions went away for a few months, and now they’re back with shiny new covers (by Lynne Hansen) and polished up words.

Q: How much have these books been revised?

A: Tweaks here and there. If you printed both versions out, placed the pages on top of each other, and held them up to a light, you’d see a lot of small changes to Graverobbers and occasional changes to the other two. But basically they’re the same books. There’s no “Author’s Preferred Edition” because editors never made me mess with the books in a way that caused me to scream “You’re compromising my creative vision, you corporate fiends!”

Q: So if I’ve already read them, should I buy them again?

A: They’re only $2.99 each. If your copies are boxed up and you’re not 100% sure where they are and there might be spiders in there with them, and you want to refresh your memory for the fourth book, then yes. Or if you originally read them on a Gemstar Rocket Reader and want to start your new Kindle Fire experience off right. Otherwise, nah. But tell all of your friends to buy them for sure.

Q: Do they contain sample chapters of other books?

A: No.

Q: Why the hell not?

A: Because when I’m reading a book, and I think I’ve got another 10-15 pages left, I get really annoyed when the book suddenly ends and there’s a preview for another book. Am I the only person who feels this way? If I am, I’ll totally add all the sample chapters you want, but they just tend to piss me off.

Q: Do I need to read the books in order?

A: Not really. The three books (and the fourth) are self-contained adventures, though there’s a continuity that runs through the series, and later books have spoilers for the earlier ones. Obviously, the best way to enjoy the Mayhem Experience is to read ’em in order, but you can skip ahead to Casket if you want, no problem.

Q: I’m convinced! Gimme gimme gimme some links!

Graverobbers Wanted (No Experience Necessary)…

Amazon Kindle Edition

Smashwords Edition (almost all other e-book formats)

Single White Psychopath Seeks Same…

Amazon Kindle Edition

Smashwords Edition 


Casket For Sale (Only Used Once)…

Amazon Kindle Edition

Smashwords Edition

Q: What about Nook or Apple versions?

A: Those feed over from Smashwords. So they’ll be available soon.

Q: E-books can just bite me. What about print editions? Where can I get those?

A: Pretty much anyplace you order books. Such as Amazon.

Q: I can’t wait…these are gonna be sweeeeeeeeeeeeet…[wipes drool off chin].

A: Thanks!


A Bad Day For Voodoo: The Hardcover Edition!

The hardcover edition of A Bad Day For Voodoo, which ships January 2012, is now available for pre-order! It’s limited to an unspeakably scant 100 copies. If you want the edition that will do the most damage if flung at a rodent, order now or you’ll miss out!


Yep, there’s going to be a hardcover limited edition (100 copies) of A Bad Day For Voodoo, coming February 2012 from DarkFuse. The cover below is by Zack McCain, who also brought you the awesome cover for Fangboy. It’s not available for pre-order yet, but I’ll let you know…

Gleefully Macabre Episode Five!

Yes, it’s time for another bite-sized episode of Dread Media Presents: Gleefully Macabre! This time, I talk about horror film festivals that are no longer with us and babble about some movies from this year’s Freak Show Film Festival. Check it out here:

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Burial Ground

It seems like I’ve known Michael McBride a lot longer, but I met him through e-mail in 2006. We shared one publisher (Double Dragon) and were pretty much at the exact same spot in our careers. Since then, we’ve both worked with Delirium Books, Dark Regions Press, Cargo Cult Press, and Sideshow Press. His novella Remains and my novella Kutter were combined into The Mad & The Macabre, which, I should note, is only $2.99 as an e-book, so even if you say “Screw Kutter!” and quickly skip past it, you’re still getting a great deal.

McBride has written a lot of fantastic stuff, but with his novel Bloodletting I thought “This guy should really be a Big Name Author.” Now, there are plenty of authors who should be getting more recognition, but you can kind of understand why they aren’t. (For example, as much as readers enjoyed my novel Benjamin’s Parasite, nobody was saying “I can’t believe this wasn’t a New York Times bestseller!” because it’s silly and disgusting and waaaayyyy over-the-top). McBride’s novel The Infected is almost literally non-stop action and gory violence, and while hardcore horror fans love the hell out of that book, you can see why it might have been too much for mainstream publishing.

But then there’s Bloodletting. Yeah, the story goes completely bonkers by the end–in a good way–but everything about this book screamed “Huge numbers of people would love this.” It’s not niche. It’s a broad-appeal, big-scale, heavily researched, awesome novel that fans of Michael Crichton should be gobbling up.

And he has continued that storytelling tradition, bringing us to Burial Ground, which I will call “a scientific action/adventure thriller.” Again, he has done more research on any given page than I do in an entire novel. It’s about a jungle expedition in Peru, and though I’m pretty sure Mike hasn’t been wandering the Peru jungle, you could be forgiven for thinking that he wrote the novel while surrounded by vegetation and primitive tribesmen.

Like tales of adventure? You’ll love this book. And the best part it, for the next few days, the e-book edition is only 99 cents! It’s not a short story, novella, or even a short novel…it’s a full-length book that is destined to become a word-of-mouth bestseller. Order the book (or at least get the free sample) NOW!!!

Kindle edition from Amazon.

A bunch of other editions from Smashwords.

Nook edition from Barnes & Noble. 

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