Zombies and Bratwurst and Stuff

So, The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever (a novel) is done. Actually, it’s been done for over a week, which I announced in the world of 140 characters or less but not here. It’s probably a year away from being published, so don’t camp out at your local bookstore yet, but also be aware that if you notice people lingering in the young adult section for too long, they may be trying to snipe your copy. Make them realize the error of their ways. That’s YOUR book.

(Also, if your bookstore has nice carpeting and a cafe, I guess there’s no reason not to start camping out a year early. There’s plenty of other reading material available while you wait.)

I’ve launched back into my novel about the stand-up comedian, which has the working title Flop Sweat but almost certainly won’t be called Flop Sweatand which has the alternate working title Riding the Light but almost certainly won’t be called Riding the Light. This one is about 80% comedy and 20% serious, and it’s also filthy, for which I either apologize or accept your thanks.

I’ve got a pile of signature sheets for Bad Bratwurst upon which to scrawl my name. Expect that chapbook in a couple of months from White Noise Press.

The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever

It won’t be out until next year, and I suppose I should be finishing it instead of posting this…but here’s the cover to my new young adult comedy, coming from Sourcebooks! It nails the book’s tone perfectly, so if you’re thinking, “That looks kind of silly and messy,” well……

Greatest Zombie Movie Ever Cover

Sort Of An Update

Updates have been scarce on my website lately. Sorry about that, unless you don’t like website updates, in which case, you’re welcome.

I’m behind on writing up trip reports on Shock Pop ComiCon, the Nevermore Fantastic Film Festival, and an all-day visit to talk to the awesome kids at Gulf Middle School. The reason for this is mostly because I came back from that last trip and then went “AAAHHHH!!! AAAAHHHH!!! MY NEW BOOK IS ALMOST DUE!!!” It’s hard to write blog posts when you’re running around flapping your arms in a panic.

Fortunately, my new novel, The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever, is due on March 16th (AAAHHHH!!!), and after that I won’t have any excuses not to update this website, which is not to say that I won’t make up some.

But, hey, this update isn’t entirely a non-update! White Noise Press will be publishing a new chapbook by me, a dark comedy called Bad Bratwurst. Keith Minnion does top-notch work (he illustrated my novella Disposaldid the cover for Socially Awkward Moments With An Aspiring Lunatic, and my chapbook Funny Stories of Scary Sex was a White Noise Press publication, one that gets me more hits than any other page on my site! Yeah!!!

Anyway, I’ll try to throw in a couple of updates between now and March 16th (AAAAIIIIEEEE!!! I’LL NEVER FINISH! I’LL NEVER FINISH! SOURCEBOOKS IS GONNA SEND MEN OVER HERE TO TAKE BACK THE ADVANCE AND BREAK MY LEGS!!!) but we’ll see what happens.

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