Waiting for October

waitingforoctobermastermedium.jpgWaiting for October

12 Oddities Collected

By Jeff Strand, Adam Pepper, Sarah Pinborough, and Jeffrey Thomas

Available in Kindle and paperback editions.

The second Dark Arts Books release is Waiting for October, a compilation of 12 new tales and rare reprints by four of horror’s most evocative authors: Adam Pepper, Sarah Pinborough, Jeff Strand and Jeffrey Thomas.

Edited by Bill Breedlove, who sent me a unbearably cool “Billy’s Balloon” t-shirt just because he’s a total sweetheart. I wear it frequently hoping that some cool person will say “Dude, you’re wearing a ‘Billy’s Balloon’ shirt!” but nobody ever does.

Table of Contents…

Jeff Strand:
“Gramma’s Corpse”
“Bad Candy House”
“Here’s What Happened…”

Adam Pepper:
“The Admirer”
“Buried A Man I Hated There”
“Old Maid Syndrome”

Sarah Pinborough:
“Express Delivery”
“The Fear”
“Crystal Carla”

Jeffrey Thomas:
“The Hosts”
“Star est Control”



“I doubt I’ll read a stronger horror-themed collection this year than WAITING FOR OCTOBER, the genre-busting follow-up to Dark Arts Books’ 2006 anthology CANDY ON THE DUMPSTER.

The opening story, “Gramma’s Corpse” by Jeff Strand, is what you might call a grabber. It features a kid who as punishment for getting bad grades is forced–on the very first page–to sleep in the same bed with his grandmother’s rotting corpse! Color me grabbed. Strand’s other tales are “Bad Candy House”, which taps into every parent’s worst fears about contaminated Halloween candy, and “Here’s What Happened…”, a darkly comedic monologue that grows increasingly outrageous.”


One Response to “Waiting for October”

  1. Jim Says:

    For anyone that hasn’t gotten their copy yet (like me,) Horror Mall has it on sale right now. I ordered a copy last night and reinvested my savings into a copy of “Two Twisted Nuts.”


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