Strand Babbles

Some of you may fondly remember my “Seriously Whacked Point of View” column from Insidious Reflections magazine. Others of you might remember it, but with more of a sense of apathy, sort of a vague recollection that it might have existed but didn’t really impact your life much either way, much like a soft breeze on a day where the temperature was already adequate.

Well, it has been resurrected in Dark Recesses Press #10 as “Strand Babbles.” In my debut installment, I demonstrate how the best way to respond to a negative review is to get a job writing a column for that very same magazine, so that you can offer up some childish retorts in the same forum in which your work was dissed. (The reviewer in question is a much larger, stronger, more fisticuff-capable man than I, but I’m hoping to have an entourage to protect me the next time our paths cross. Or a pair of nunchaku.)

The issue also features fiction by, non-fiction by, and an interview with Clive Barker, which is obviously way cooler than my column.

A Question…

Does anybody else have trouble writing their signature on computer screens? I can deal with the fact that my new driver’s license photo is laughably bad, but my signature looks like it was done by a five-year-old!

A Double Dose of Graverobbers Fame

Michele Bardsley’s latest novel, Wait Till Your Vampire Gets Home, now in bookstores everywhere, contains a moment in Chapter 17 where the heroine decides to read my own Graverobbers Wanted (No Experience Necessary). In Chapter 18, we discover that she liked it. She doesn’t actually say “Wow, this book was even better than the hot sex scene in Chapter 16,” but you know she’s thinking it.

And Karen Wiesner’s non-fiction book From First Draft To Published Novel, also now available in bookstores everywhere, uses an excerpt from Graverobbers as an example of effective dialogue, along with a dialogue-free version of the same excerpt to show how much it would suck if I’d written it that way.


Disturbing Statistics

Length of time my library books were overdue: 9 days

Amount of time it took me to renew my library books online: 7 seconds

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