Another Konrath-Themed Entry. But a Short One.

In revenge for the interview I subject him to, J.A. Konrath has posted this:

It may not seem like a vengeful act at first, but then you’ll get to the part where he MADE UP a line where I say “Sharp cheddar?” By the time I discovered his fabrication and the evil lameness that follows, he’d already gone off on his book tour and it was too late. Bastard.


The print edition of my newest horror/comedy novel, BENJAMIN’S PARASITE, is set to ship at the end of May…but if you’re into those new-fangled e-book things, you can get it right now! Technology rocks, baby. 

It’s available from the Horror Mall as an immediate download right HERE in PDF, MOBI, or EPUB formats. 

Or, if you’re a dedicated Amazon shopper, you can also grab the Kindle edition right HERE.

Soooooooo close…

I’m so close to finishing my new novella that I can taste it. I’d be done already if I weren’t spending so much time licking the keyboard.


So after resisting temptation for all of 2009 thus far, I peeked ahead in my GET FUZZY page-a-day calendar. Curse my lack of willpower!

SUCKERS E-Book Cheap (Or Free!)

SUCKERS is my collaborative novella with J.A. Konrath. It’s sort of Andrew Mayhem Book 3.5, since it features Andrew Mayhem teaming up with Konrath’s Harry McGlade character. Previously available only in hardcover, it’s now available for your non-collecting convenience as an e-book. 

Got a Kindle? You can get SUCKERS on Amazon for a scant $1.49.

Want a PDF? It’s freeeeeee!

Oh, but this package doesn’t just contain SUCKERS. It also contains three Andrew Mayhem stories: “Poor Career Choice” from the anthology THESE GUNS FOR HIRE, “A Bit of Halloween Mayhem,” and, yes, “The Lost (For A Good Reason) Adventure of Andrew Mayhem,” which until now has only been available as a very limited edition chapbook. Want to know how Andrew and Roger first met? This story tells the tale!

It also contains three Harry McGlade stories: “Whelp Wanted,” “Taken to the Cleaners,” and “The Necro File.” You need to be warned about “The Necro File.” This is the kind of story that an author like J.A. Konrath comes up with when he’s written six novels for a major publisher and suddenly is given the chance to write whatever the hell he wants. Beware.

And it includes an introduction by each of us. 53,000 words of Mayhemy McGladey goodness. 

The way-cheap Kindle edition is available right here:

For a free PDF, just send an e-mail to with “Suckers” in the subject line and I’ll send it on over. I promise that you won’t be subscribed to any mailing lists or anything sinister like that.  


The First NOSE Review

The first review of THE SEVERED NOSE is up at Monster Librarian. Apparently it doesn’t suck! Booyah!!!

If you’re a reviewer, and you’d like a PDF of THE SEVERED NOSE and/or BENJAMIN’S PARASITE, e-mail me at and I’ll fling one your way. Yes, you have to be a real reviewer. No, you don’t have to be a nice one. 

Meet Sherilynn Kenyon (And Me) In Denver!

The annual Romancing the Rockies conference is in Denver on Friday and Saturday, May 1st and 2nd. I’m doing an hour-long workshop on “Adding Comic Relief To Your Fiction” Friday from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM, which is the same time as the chat with Special Guest Sherilynn Kenyon, so I have a feeling that my workshop will be…intimate. Or perhaps Sherilynn Kenyon will pace around her empty room, cursing my name. Probably the first one, but the only way to find out is to show up! (Or read my blog.) (Or the blogs of other attendees.) (But I think you should show up anyway.)

There’s also an open-to-the-public signing from 4:30 to 6:00 PM on Friday. You want a Pressure bookmark? It’s yours, baby!

Check out all the details at

A Tiny Part In A Splattery Movie

So this past weekend I spent a few hours on the set of GRIM FAIRY TALES, the newest movie from legendary gore director Herschell Gordon Lewis, auteur of BLOOD FEAST, 2000 MANIACS, THE WIZARD OF GORE, and a bunch of others, mostly from the 60’s and 70’s. Non-splatter fans might also recognize his work, because in the movie JUNO Jason Bateman shows one of H.G. Lewis’ movies to Ellen Page in an effort to impress her with how cool he is.

I’ll post a few pictures here soon, but you can read my full report at FearZone: 

The Greatest Insanity Yet! GMT For Free!

The Horror Mall is giving away FREE copies of the hardcover edition of Gleefully Macabre Tales with a $50 purchase of any in-stock books or movies. I know, I know–it’s crazy! 

Now, this offer applies only to in-stock items, so it doesn’t work with Benjamin’s Parasite or The Severed Nose, but if you don’t already have, say,Suckers or Graverobbers Wanted (No Experience Necessary) or Single White Psychopath Seeks Same or Waiting For October or Bits of the Dead or a few others, this is your chance!

Of course, you can buy books by other authors, too. Or movies. 

There can’t be more than a few copies of the Gleefully Macabre Tales hardcover left, so don’t lollygag!

The Insanity Continues!

After I posted “Special Features” for free on my website, a lot of people tried to stage an intervention. “You mustn’t give away such treasures without demanding compensation!” they cried. “What’s next? Will you simply roam the streets, tossing bags of gold left and right? This madness must cease!”

They tied me up for a couple of days, but I chewed through the ropes, killed the guard with my left elbow, and escaped. And now I’ve posted a SECOND free tale from the Stoker-nominated collection Gleefully Macabre Tales. Actually, I didn’t personally post it…it’s up at FearZone, but I authorized it–it’s not like FearZone is scanning in stories from my book without my permission. I visit the site every day, so I’d know. 

Click HERE to read “The Three Little Pigs” at FearZone.
Click HERE to read “Special Features” at my website.

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